Do you need a water tank?

water tankAre you looking for a (high quality) water tank? And you are not yet sure where to acquire a high quality water tank at a sharp price? If you’re looking for a high quality water tank at an attractive price, then look no further. BUWATEC is the one specialist in the area of modular (water) storage systems. Our assortment offers a large number of water tanks. Our water tanks are of the best quality, made from durable materials. If you are looking for a drinking water tank, then go to BUWATEC. We deliver high quality water tanks across the world, suitable for a whole range of purposes.

How to purchase a BUWATEC water tank? To buy a BUWATEC water tank, you should visit one of our dealers. BUWATEC has an extensive network of dealers, stretching across the country. Wherever you are in The Netherlands, there is always a BUWATEC dealer nearby. If you are interested in a BUWATEC water tank, you never need to travel far to visit a dealer. BUWATEC provides product training, technical support, product improvements and innovations. This is what we offer our dealers, to ensure that they are always informed of the latest developments in the area of technology and new products. As they are knowledgeable, they can give the best advice and tell you everything about our latest products. We recommend that you visit your local dealer if you have specific questions about one of our products. They will be happy to tell you more and are able to explain exactly which water tank will suit you best. Thanks to this kind of personal advice, you will always be aware of the latest products, while we make it easier for you to choose the right water tank. Go to our website for more information about our products.


BUWATEC is a supplier of modular (water) storage systems and specializes in the production of tanks and silos. BUWATEC drinking water tanks are purchased all over the world. Our tanks offer various advantages, due to which they can be assembled at any location. Your BUWATEC drinking water tank will be shipped as a prefab flatpack, not only to make the transport of the drinking water tank easier, but also to cut expenses. Another great advantage of a BUWAtank system is that a BUWATEC drinking water tank can easily be assembled. All you need is some simple tools. In addition, setting up a BUWATEC drinking water tank is not difficult. In fact everyone is able to set up a BUWATEC drinking water tank. Should you encounter problems anyway, while building your tank, then you can always ask for the help of one of our dealers. This will ensure 100% success every time!

Maybe you wonder what a BUWAtank system is exactly. BUWAtanks, our product line that the drinking water tank is also part of, are composed of corrugated and bended steel plate parts. In combination with tank tarp, covers and accessories, these parts form our complete storage systems. Flexibility, modularity and durability are the properties of our products. Together with easy installation, this results in our products ending up in all corners of the world. As soon as the ordered BUWATEC drinking water tank has reached its destination, the tank can be assembled at once. If simple tools are available, the work can start right away. You don’t need an expert to assemble the product. This is a great advantage. Are you interested in a BUWATEC drinking water tank and are you curious about the benefits when choosing a BUWATEC drinking water tank? Then contact us or one of our dealers. On the basis of your wishes, we will be happy to explain what BUWATEC can do for you.

A new BUWATEC water tank

Whatever type of drinking water tank you are looking for, BUWATEC will have it. Whether you want to be able to store large quantities of drinking water, or are looking for a simple, compact drinking water tank that doesn’t take up too much space, in our extensive range you will find what you are looking for. Would you like some help making the right choice? We will be happy to give you customized advice, so that you can make the right choice, knowing exactly what you need. That too is part of the BUWATEC service!

A drinking water tank provides many possibilities. Would you like to know about the possibilities a BUWATEC drinking water tank has to offer? We would like to redirect you to one of our dealers, who will be able to tell you all about it. Our dealers are the right place to go when you want more information, but also if, for example, you want to know about the costs of a BUWATEC drinking water tank. Are you unable to find the product you are looking for, in our assortment? Then let us know. We also provide customized solutions and hope that we can be of service to you. Our dealers can also provide more information about customized solutions.

The BUWATEC B.V. drinking water tanks are durable and furthermore they are easy to assemble with just hand tools. Our dealers will be happy to lend a hand when you need help doing this. On behalf of BUWATEC B.V. they offer you technical support. This way the assembly of a BUWATEC B.V. drinking water tank is possible for everyone. We guarantee you a 100% chance of success! Are you contemplating on purchasing a BUWATEC tank? Then visit one of our dealers or contact us. You can also ask our dealers about technical matters regarding one of the products. We will be sure to provide you with answers to all of your questions and make sure you know exactly which product best suits you. How can we help you?