The word water silo says it all. A water silo is suitable for storing large quantities of water. A water silo is a giant barrel that can contain a huge quantity of water. The water stored in a water silo can be used for various purposes.

A water silo can be used for different objectives. We have different sizes of water silos for each of these objectives. A water silo can be used for green houses. This one will differ from one that is used for fish.

Although a water silo is a huge object, it can still be installed easily. When seeing such a water silo with your own eyes, you wouldn’t expect that. Still, a water silo can be installed by use of just a bit of manual force. No cranes or other machinery is needed when installing a water silo. It is constructed of different curved metal sheets.
During creation of a water silo, durability is taken into account, which makes a water silo last for years. In addition it is protected against corrosion. A special coating is applied with the intention to resist corrosion in the water silo. We see to it that no corrosion takes place in water silos. Buwatec has manufactured this special coating, called ‘Super Vinyl Thermoplast’, protecting the water silos against corrosion.

Storage of water in a water silo is ideal. The water will remain cool in a water silo since it is protected against UV radiation.
There are different sizes of water silos. If you wish to know which water silo is suitable for you, please contact Buwatec. At Buwatec we always have a water silo that fits your situation. Buwatec will be happy to help you finding the right water silo.