Water catchmentAre you looking for ​water catchment​ for your nursery or farm? Then look no further. BUWATEC is the specialist in the field of water catchment systems.

​Water catchment via BUWATEC systems

In a world where environmental changes are becoming increasingly clear and the agricultural and industrial sectors increasingly have to deal with strict regulations, it is important to handle water properly. For instance, in the horticultural sector, more and more water is being reused with the help of circulation systems. BUWATEC’s water catchment systems are extremely suitable for these circulation systems, in which the water is purified and then reused. BUWATEC also works with specialists in the field of water treatment, NGOs, and national governments to develop solutions for clean drinking water. We supply water catchment systems in the form of steel water tanks and water silos that are intended for water purification. With high quality tank tarps, silo covers, and roof systems, we can combat pollution, vapor, and algae growth. This way, we contribute to the storage of clean and safe drinking water. In addition, we want to develop sustainable and affordable solutions for filtered water for the future through more collaborations with water purification companies.

Market leader in the field of water catchment systems

BUWATEC is market leader in the field of water catchment systems. We supply our systems to more than 50 countries and have various suppliers in multiple countries. We work together closely with these suppliers to improve ourselves and meet the needs of the local population. After all, the dealers know exactly what the wishes and needs of the local population are. In addition, we support the dealer with innovations, product improvements, technical support, and product training. This way, we try to improve and expand our relationship with the dealers and customers.

​Easy to install

​BUWATEC’s water catchment systems are constructed in a modular way. This means they consist of different parts, which makes them easy to install. No machinery or crane is required for this – the systems can be installed with manpower alone.

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