Water catchment tanksAre you looking for a company that supplies ​water catchment tanks? Then you have come to the right place at BUWATEC. BUWATEC is the specialist in the field of water catchment systems.

​Water catchments tanks from Buwatec

​BUWATEC manufactures and supplies ​water catchment tanks. Our market is very broad. We supply to the horticultural, industrial, and agricultural sectors, but we also work together with organizations to realize clean drinking water. As the market leader in the field of water catchment systems, we supply our systems in more than 50 countries worldwide. In order to manage this properly, we have various dealers in multiple countries. These dealers are in contact with the local population and know exactly what their needs are. We work with the dealers a lot to come up with solutions. This allows us to respond to the needs of the local population and improve our systems. We also support our dealers with innovations, product improvements, technical support, and product training. We also find it very important to improve and expand the relationship with our dealers and customers.

Water catchment: easy to install

​BUWATEC’s ​water catchment tanks are very easy to install. The tanks are constructed in a modular way. This means they consist of multiple parts. Because of this, they are easy to assemble. No crane or machinery is required for this, just manpower.
​The ​water catchment tanks are manufactured in the Netherlands. This means that for our customers in the Netherlands, service is ‘right around the corner’ if there are any problems with the tanks. You can also rely on tanks made of high quality steel. In addition, we offer the tanks at very competitive prices.

Sustainable water catchment tanks

​We greatly value sustainability. That is why we participate in the project to realize clean drinking water worldwide. We work together with various organizations for this and supply water catchment tanks in which clean and safe drinking water can be stored. The tank tarps, silo covers, and roof systems prevent pollution, vapor, and algae growth. In addition, we have developed a special coating that protects both the water and the tanks against corrosion.​

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