Steel rainwater tanksLooking for steel rainwater tanks? BUWATEC is the specialist in the field of water catchment systems. BUWATEC creates water catchment systems and delivers them worldwide. We are the market leader in the field of steel rainwater tanks and supply them in more than 50 countries.

Steel rainwater tanks from BUWATEC

BUWATEC is specialized in water catchment systems. We have various dealers in multiple countries. Our dealers know what the local needs are. We can respond to this by working together and coming up with solutions. Our strategy is to strengthen and expand the relationships with the dealers. We support our dealers with innovations, product improvements, technical support, and product training.

Steel rainwater tanks for multiple applications

​BUWATEC supplies water tanks for various purposes. Steel rainwater tanks are used in horticulture, for instance. In recent years, BUWATEC has developed into one of the leading companies in the field of water catchment in horticulture. We supply complete water catchment silos specialized in water technology, irrigation, growing algae, aquaponics, and wastewater storage for treatment plants. The steel rainwater tanks from BUWATEC have a number of advantages compared to water silos from other suppliers. The water tanks are a Dutch product and are manufactured here. In addition, the ribbed steel tank played have a unique coating that protects the water from corrosion. When creating water silos, we take sustainability into account, which results in less environmental impact. Lastly, the water tanks are very suitable for water storage for irrigation, growing algae, aquaponics, and wastewater storage for treatment plants.

​We don’t only create water tanks for use in horticulture. BUWATEC water tanks are also used in fish farming, in industry, for drinking water storage, and in agriculture as manure or irrigation tanks.

​Easily install steel rainwater tanks

​BUWATEC’s steel rainwater tanks ​are easy to install. Installing the tanks can be done with manpower alone. No crane or machinery is needed. The installation is based on a pre-prepared substrate to reduce costs and create maximum flexibility on location.

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