steel fish tank ​​For a ​steel fish tank for your fish farm, you should go to BUWATEC. BUWATEC is specialized in the modular construction of water catchment tanks, which are also very suitable for fish farming. BUWATEC is the right place for your custom steel fish tank.​

Custom steel fish tank

You are looking for a steel fish tank. BUWATEC supplies high quality water catchment tanks at a very competitive price. More and more fish are being grown in closed systems, which are not connected to natural water. A BUWATEC water silo is extremely suitable for closed systems. The silos are made of corrugated steel plates combined with a tank tarp. No concrete foundation is required for this! The silos for the fish farm are easy to build up and maintain. These silos can be used to farm tilapia, eels, trout, carp, and salmon, for instance.
​The installation of a ​steel fish tank requires very little material and tools locally. This means the tank can be built in a short time. The operational costs are also low, because all activities take place above ground. The tanks have a working height of approximately 1.50 meters. This makes them ideal for export to Africa, Asia, and South America.


The fish farms make a lot of use of recirculation systems, in which water is purified and then reused. Less water is wasted with these system, which contributes to less environmental pollution. BUWATEC supplies tanks for these recirculation systems. We think it is very important to take sustainability into account. For instance, we have developed a coating that protects the water in water tanks against corrosion. The coating also protects the tank against corrosion.

Building up a steel fish tank

Despite the fact the tanks are made of steel, they are easy to build up. The tanks are made in a modular way, which means they consist of different parts. This makes building up the tank very simple. This requires no cranes or machinery – the tanks can be built with manpower alone.

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