Industrial waste water treatment

There is an ongoing increase in industrial activities everywhere, leading to an increasing demand for industrial water. The growing world population with urbanization as well leads to increased demand for industrial water. Approximately 90 percent of this water is returned untreated back into the environment. Action is required to meet international standards for durable and environmentally friendly production on the long term. The European Framework for Water (KWR) shows a trend of increasing costs of discharged waste water. And there is a rising trend of using small scale water treatment solutions with new technology to enable installations for specific needs and capacity levels.

Customary in the world of waste water for industrial industry

Using water for industrial applications is often directly related to governmental rules and regulations for waste water. Recycling of industrial process water is trending for avoiding environmental pollution. Water for industry is essential in processes used for cooling water, rinse water and boiler water and other applications. The bulk of water consumers in the Industrial sector are found in the chemical sector, refineries, steel sector, food industry, paper- and graphic industry.

Infrastructural solution for wastewater treatment plants

For these customers the Buwatec products are the infrastructural backbone of complex water treatment plants. More and more investors prefer water storage tanks as a key part of their DBFO-service.

Advantages industrial water tanks by BUWATEC

  • Straight forward solution for the storage of waste water, cooling water, rinse water and boiler water.
  • The water tanks are a unique infrastructural part of smaller scale water treatment plants.
  • The water tanks for wastewater treatment plants are modular and adjustable in capacity.
  • The storage tanks can be extended, dismantled or re-used environment friendly.