WSWA Drinking water station

Climate consequences for clean drinking water

As a result of climate changes wet areas will get wetter, and dry areas will become dryer. The water demand and water scarcity are increasing to a larger scale. In 2025 some three billion people will be confronted with water stress and approximately 500 million people will have trouble with water shortage at the same time. Solutions for storage of clean drinking water and sanitation services or hygiene equipment are a worldwide challenge.

BUWATEC works with specialists of water purification and drinking water

BUWATEC was involved in the storage of potable and drinking water projects over the last years. We developed contacts and executed projects with specialists in water purification, NGO organisations and national governments. To the future we develop durable and affordable solutions by cooperating with water purification companies. BUWATEC delivers the basic tanks for drinking water plants as well as for potable water.

BUWATEC supplies water tanks for water treatment installations

A steel water storage system is a good solution for safe and hygienic potable water. With a quality liner and roof system it will avoid pollution, evaporation and algae growth. It will guarantee the availability of clean and safe drinking water. BUWATEC manufactures and distributes these water tanks worldwide.

Advantages of storage tanks for water purification and water treatment by BUWATEC

  • Safe and secure, based on steel water tanks as part of water cleaning installations.
  • Water tanks with additional equipment will protect clean drink water against pollution.
  • Drinking water tanks with cover systems protect water against algae growth and evaporation.
  • Water tanks are a low-cost solution for water purification and treatment plants.