WSWA tanks Fish breeding

Water silo for fish breeding farms

Worldwide about 30 percent of all fish farming takes place in natural habitats. It means most fish are bred under more or less controlled circumstances. There is an upward trend in this sector, based on costs of fishing in open water are increasing. The problem of overfishing leads to damage to the natural habitat of the fish and high costs for fish products. Technically we have the possibilities to control the fish production with a balance between operational costs and market prices. BUWATEC supplies aquaculture tanks for recirculating aquaculture systems, aquaponics systems and fish farms.


Aquaculture is the collective name for breeding salt and fresh water fish, shellfish and other living organisms in water like algae and samphire. Aquaculture is based on two different systems: open systems and closed systems. Open systems are located in natural water, such as fish breeding farms in fish cages or shellfish farming. This method leads to damage of the natural environment and pollution of open water including the seas. Closed systems are not connected with natural water resources. These closed systems are fish breeding farms using tanks, basins and ponds. These fish farms use recirculation systems in which breeding water is treated, cleaned and re-used in a continuing process.

Recirculation systems for fish farming

Closed fish farming systems are recirculation systems. In these system water temperature, water consumption, water quality and nutrient management are continueusly controlled and optimized. Waste in the water is purified by water treatment systems, enabling the re-use of the water. Waste residues will be minimized, giving less problems with reduced ecological risks.

BUWATEC supplies water tanks for fish farms

Investments in traditional concrete aquaculture tanks are very high. Building these tanks is very much time consuming. The quality depends on local expertise and the quality of locally available raw materials. Plastic tanks are limited in capacity and not suitable for outside use. Transport cost of them make them less efficient. BUWATEC developed open water aquaculture tanks, based on our corrugated steel plates in combination with appropriate liners. BUWAtanks are flexible and fast installing reliable tanks for fish farming. In these aquaculture fish tanks breeding of tilapia, eel, trout, carps and salmon takes place all over the world.

The installation of a fish tank in aquaculture

The installation of fish tank needs limited materials, tools and transport volume. This guarantees a fast installation of breeding tanks. The operational costs are limited, because all breeding activities take place on and above ground level. The breeding tanks are available in several diameters and height for placing on ground level or partly below ground level. BUWAtanks were designed for export to the continents of Africa, Asia, South and Middle Americas and the rest of the world.

Advantages water tanks for fish farms by BUWATEC

  • Control fish production in water tanks with perfect balance between costs and market prices.
  • BUWATEC supplies steel aquaculture fish tanks with a diameters 2 up to 30 meters.
  • BUWATEC aquaculture systems can be built without concrete foundation.
  • Aquaculture tanks are shipped with limited transport volume and corresponding low costs.
  • Aquaponic tanks are re-usable products, so environment friendly.