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Slurry storage tanks

For feeding the growing world population, sustainable intensification of food production is required. The agriculture production in 2050 will be increased by 60% to comply with the demand of food. In the same period the world population will increase to approximately nine billion people.

There is a long history of developing crops, as well as for livestock and poultry farming. Agricultural knowledge has developed this sector. Specific knowledge is used for further developments in mechanisation and automatization in the agricultural business.

BUWATEC supplies tanks for storage of manure and irrigation

BUWATEC supplies manure tanks as well water tanks in the agriculture segment. The tanks are constructed of corrugated and curved metal sheet parts. These steel parts are connected with bolt sets and form the basics of a manure and irrigation tank. A complete slurry tank is created in combination with a liner, cover and accessories in the required capacity.

Manure tanks

Liquid manure is named dung, slurry or simply liquid manure. In the agricultural business slurry or liquid manure is used to spread over or inject into the farmland. Farmers store the liquid manure in BUWATEC manure or slurry tanks. These special storage tanks are in KIWA certified quality, which qualifies the combination of tank, liner and cover as a certified system. Only qualified companies will carry out the installation of manure storage systems. These companies supply additional peripherals, such as manure mixers, manure pumps and manure valves. Important part of the certification is the obligation to check the installation on functionality and status of the material after a period of 10 years.

Water tanks for irrigation in agriculture

Irrigation requires the use of different technical equipment, enabling farmers to use water for their crops, when the natural resources are not sufficient. Irrigation allows growing crops with a higher yield. In general some 94% of the watering of crops is done by sprinklers or surface irrigation. The other part uses more cost intensive and sophisticated techniques like drip irrigation. These techniques are based on use of ground water combined with a purification process.

Advantages of agriculture tanks by BUWATEC

  • Slurry tanks are designed as self-installation dealer packages.
  • Manure tanks are only supplied including a unique coating system for maximum durability.
  • Slurry tanks are delivered on pallets, efficiently orientated for export destinations.
  • Flexibility, modularity and sustainability of the slurry tank system. A system can be installed on location with hand tools only.