Need a Rainwater tank?

rainwater tankLooking for a rainwater tank? Do you want to be able to store rainwater? And is that the reason why you’re looking for a tank? Then we, at Buwatec, have got what you are looking for. Buwatec supplies high quality tanks. We specialize in modular storage systems. Also rainwater tanks are part of our large selection. We offer high quality tanks at sharp and competitive prices. Have your new rainwater tank delivered and your new tank will be ready for use before you know it!

The advantages of a Buwatec rainwater tank

Buwatec specializes in modular storage systems. Our tanks can now be found anywhere around the world. Because the Buwatec rainwater tank is modular, not only can it be easily transported, but also it is easy to assemble and install. Therefore our tanks can be found at a large number of locations, worldwide. Currently we ship our tanks to more than 50 countries! Buwatec is the market leader in the area of water storage systems. We deliver quality products at highly competitive prices.
You can assemble a Buwatec rainwater tank entirely to your heart’s content, because we work with modular systems. This way you can always place the exact rainwater tank that you require. Placing your new rainwater tank is very easy. All you need is some simple tools and manpower. Before you know it, your new tank is assembled, installed and ready for use! Are you facing any problems with the assembly or installation? No problem! Buwatec has an extensive dealer network. Buwatec dealers can be found in an increasing number of countries. These dealers can help you set up your new tank if you can’t figure it out. So, rest assured! We support our Buwatec dealers, for example by providing product trainings and technical knowledge. This way our dealers can provide the best service!

A rainwater tank modularly constructed!

A Buwatec rainwater tank can serve you for a long time. Our tanks are strong and durable and can be shipped easily. The tanks are shipped as prefab flatpacks. A Buwatec tank consists of corrugated steel plates in combination with a tank tarp, a tank cover system and accessories. Are you interested and do you want to purchase a rainwater tank, but you still have questions? Then let us know. We will be glad to tell you how to make optimal use of a Buwatec rainwater tank and how to come by it. We would like to hear if Buwatec can be of service!