Are you looking for a company which is specialised in building rainwater silos?

Is your company located in a country that may have a number of dry periods during some seasons, whereas in other seasons there is a lot of rain? Or do you, for instance, own a flowers and plants company and need to water these products daily, to retain the high quality? In that case too, it is important to have a good large rainwater silo. This can be used to store large quantities of rainwater, when it is raining, to be used throughout the rest of the year during dry periods. This will keep you from needing groundwater, which you must pay a lot of money for. It is also convenient to have your water stored in one place, where quality is retained. You can easily store this water for longer periods, without worrying that is gets polluted. Our company is specialised in making these water technologies. As we have been working on these quality products for almost 10 years, we can assure you that we offer genuine quality and also provide service that is really useful in case any questions arise, which often happens. You will experience few problems with the products we sell and deliver. Also because we closely cooperate with our dealers, we can respond excellently to the customer’s wishes.

Do you need a new qualitative rainwater silo?

Do you want to water your crops during the dry summer months, using cheap rainwater? Then store this water during the wet season, by use of a convenient rainwater silo. This silo will store large quantities of rainwater, which can be used perfectly during the dry months and in case you need lots of water. No longer do you need expensive groundwater. Simply make optimal use of rainwater. That is what the qualitative products of Buwatec B.V. are for.