Looking for a rain water tank? Buwatec provides you a high quality rain water tank. The rain water tank is a very efficient buffer on the moment you collect rain water. The rain water tank keeps the water in and avoid spoiling of water. The stored water in the rain water tank can be used at any times water is required. It is a cost effective and also a durable solution of the storage of water.

A rain water tank will be available in different sizes and volumes. The rain water tank is constructed from rings of curves corrugated steel plates. On location these plates will be bolted together to form a rain water tank. The rain water tank is available in different dimensions. There are a large variety of different heights and diameters. It enable customers to choose their own specific rain water tank.

Our rain water tank is fabricated out of the ultimate quality of materials. Most rain water tanks are galvanised and provide with an additional coating. This coating will give an extra protection against corrosion. The coating is especially developed for the Buwatec rain water tank.

In relation to the rain water tank Buwatec offers also a wide range of accessories to complete the rain water tank. There are different liner types to keep the liquid into the rain water tank. Most rain water tanks have a cover system to protect the water against influences from outside. All tank covers solutions are especially made for your rain water tank. Installation could be done easily yourself based on our installation manual. The cover system provides a protection against algae growth in the tank as well as keeping dirt, leafs, etc. outside the rain water tank.

Are you looking for a rain water tank? Buwatec can provide you with a high quality rain water tank in all sorts and dimensions. With our flexible system you can decide yourself about your most perfect rain water tank. Of course we will be pleased to advice and help to compose your rain water tank. The Buwatec rain water tank is the perfect solution to store rain water.