Are you looking for a rain water silo? Are you aware of the advantages of a rain water silo? The expression “rain water silo” is not always well known. Nevertheless, a rain water silo has numerous of advantages. The rain water silo is the perfect solution to store rain water. In most countries it is raining regular. The rain water silo can be used to store this rain water. Without any hassle you will have access to lot of good quality water in your rain water silo. The water is appropriate for other purposes as well. In combination with roofs from surrounding building or houses you are able to collect rain water in your rain water silo. At the same time you could use this water for irrigation, cleaning and even for drink water. Of course after filtration and treatment of the water in the rain water silo.

A rain water silo is even contributing to a better environment. At this moment in time our society is much more aware of sustainability, as well as durability of products and processes. The rain water silo could easily be a part of these developments. The store of water in a rain water silo will decrease the amount of water been used from taps. Tap water is costly and takes a lot of energy (costs) for filtering and transporting. The investment in a rain water silo brings more than just having direct access to your own water reservoir. You could save money by reducing the amount of tap water by exploring your own water from the rain water silo.

The rain water silo will have an additional coating, if required. The additional coating will protect the galvanised steel for early corrosion. The coating is developed especially for the Buwatec rain water silo.

Buwatec is also supplying a liner inside the steel rain water to keep the liquid in. Several cover systems will protect the rain water for leafs, dirt and rubbish from outside the rain water silo.

Looking for a perfect rain water silo? Buwatec is the perfect partner. Buwatec will provide you with the appropriate information and supplies a high quality rain water silo.