Newsletter: New development in water tanks

A trend among horticultural growers is having a separated location for the water treatment and irrigation installation. All important components of the total installation are linked and combined in the same space. Several water qualities will be stored near each other. Fertilizers and other chemicals are stored in the same area as well.

By treating water, humidity can reach high levels in these areas, also by extreme temperature differences.  Condensation on and inside tanks, especially for drain water tanks, will show up regularly.

By temperatures differences condensation water will run inside a tank between panels and wall blanket. This situation is not visible from the outside.

Inside corrosion can start and creates a lifetime risk or a dangerous situation. We advised installers, and see the use of double-sided Plastisol coated BUWAtanks  growing.

The additional protection by Plastisol coating will avoid the situation of continuous contact with galvanised steel plates. The additional coating layer will decrease the rate of ageing and increase the anti-corrosion factor.