A new manure silo

Storing manure

Do you want to store manure and are you therefore looking for a good quality manure silo? You can find it at BUWATEC B.V. We are a reliable supplier of tanks and silos and are specialised in modular storage systems. Our manure silos are high-quality and easy to install. BUWATEC B.V. manure silos store manure!


BUWATEC B.V. is the one specialist in the area of modular storage systems. If you are looking for a high-quality manure silo, you have come to the right place. Our storage systems are popular because of their flexibility, modularity and sustainability. Customers across the world manage to find us. In order to be able to transport our storage systems in a quick and environmentally-friendly way, they are delivered as flat-packs. Also a manure silo, which consists of corrugated and curved metal sheet parts, tarpaulin, covers and accessories, will be delivered to you as a flat-pack. Building up your new manure silo is easier than you might think. All you need is a set of simple hand-tools. That’s all!

Our network

Over the last ten years, BUWATEC B.V. has built up a significant network, which consists of knowledgeable dealers, spread across the country. Our dealers are very important to us and that is why we keep investing in them continuously, for instance by means of trainings. We also keep them informed about recent developments in our company, product improvements and innovations. As such, our dealers always have up-to-date product knowledge, enabling them to optimally advise you about the purchase of a new manure silo. You can always contact them in case you have questions about our products. Also if you are in need of technical support, our dealers are ready to help you!

A new manure silo by BUWATEC B.V.

BUWATEC B.V. offers many different types and sizes of manure silos. There is a great chance, as such, that we can supply the manure silo that you are looking for. If you want to know more about our manure silos or need information about the costs, please contact one of our dealers. They will be happy to help you out and give you advice about our products. Our dealers can help you to build-up and install your new manure silo, if necessary. This will guarantee your new BUWATEC B.V. manure silo to be a success.

Purchasing a manure silo

Do you want to store manure? And, therefore, you are looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality manure silos? Then come to BUWATEC B.V. We are the one specialised supplier of modular storage systems, also when you are looking for a high-quality manure silo. BUWATEC B.V. is a supplier of modular storage systems and specialised in tanks and silos. We can proudly say that our products are spread across the world: being sold worldwide. The BUWAtanks, our line products, including manure silos, are constructed of corrugated and curved metal sheet parts. In combination with tarpaulin, covers and accessories these parts form complete storage systems. The BUWAtank systems are sold as prefab flat-packs. Therefore, our BUWAtank systems can be transported quickly as well as in an environmental-friendly way. Building up a BUWAtank flat-pack is not difficult and can easily be done by you. Using a simple set of hand tools, the BUWAtank can be built. A BUWATEC manure silo has multiple advantages, such as the flexibility, modularity and sustainability of the system. In addition, the system can be installed easily.

Nationwide network

Over the last 10 years, BUWATEC B.V. has built a significant nationwide network. In this network, which consists of our dealers, we, as a company, keep investing. This investing is done to support our dealers. Support takes place by means of product trainings, technical support, product improvements and innovations. As such, the knowledge level of our dealers is always as high as possible. Due to the product trainings, our dealers always know about the latest trends and technological developments concerning our products and can therefore optimally advise you, as a customer, or assist you when purchasing a manure silo. Whether you have questions about purchasing one of the BUWATEC B.V. products, or if you want specific information about a manure silo, our dealers will gladly be of assistance. And wherever you live in The Netherlands, there is always a BUWATEC dealer near you!

A new manure silo by BUWATEC B.V.

At BUWATEC B.V., we offer many different types and sizes of manure silos. So you are likely to find the manure silo that meets you requirements, at BUWATEC B.V. If you want more information about the different options and the costs of a new manure silo, you can contact either BUWATEC B.V. itself or one of our dealers. Also if you want a customised manure silo, this can be discussed. A BUWATEC B.V. manure silo is sustainable and can be built easily. In addition, one of our dealers will help with the installation, so you can place your BUWATEC B.V. manure silo, which meets your demands, without any troubles, which guarantees 100% success!

Do you wish to order a new manure silo at a high-quality company?

Are you looking for a new manure silo, maybe because your old one broke down after a few years, as it didn’t provide the quality you had expected? Or has your farm always had trouble storing manure and now you want to order a good and new manure silo, searching for a reliable company that can perfectly fulfil your wishes? Then you should contact our dealers, or directly contact our Buwatec B.V. specialists. We are a company which has managed time and time again, for 10 years, to perfectly fulfil the customers’ wishes. Flexibility and sustainability are our top priorities. As such, you can be sure that your purchase is a quality purchase that will last for a long time! We can also prove that our products are good, as we sell them across the world, creating satisfied customers every time again. Our dealers promote and sell these products and install them at the customer’s site, needing only a handful of hand tools! This should ensure that our products are high-quality and that we provide the best service.

Are you also looking for a new manure silo to store all of your manure?

We are a company whose mission it is to support customers maximally, together with our dealers. This way, you will notice that we can really meet your wishes and demands by providing our quality products! Also, we ensure that we are ahead where it concerns innovation in tank technology. As such, you can be sure that our manure tanks are high-quality. Therefore, please contact our dealers directly to get more information about the qualitative manure silos, to store your manure long term!