Need a fish tank?

fish tankDo you own a company and do you want to store large quantities of fish? A BUWATEC fish tank is a relatively quick and easy way to store fish. The BUWATEC fish tanks are able to store large quantities without taking up too much space. We have a lot of experience with and knowledge about the supply of modular storage tanks. A fish tank is beneficial for you if you want to store fish, for example, for sales to customers. We can provide you with a customized fish tank that suits your company. We will realize a high quality fish tank for you. A BUWAtank from BUWATEC, made of corrugated steel plates in combination with a tank tarp, a tank cover system and various accessories, ensures proper storage.

Why choose a BUWATEC fish tank?

A traditional concrete fish tank is often attractively priced, but is time consuming. Time which had better be spent on your company. Furthermore, the quality depends on a number of factors. These factors are local expertise, presence of raw materials and the (good) quality of the raw materials. A plastic tank is an alternative, but usually they have limited sizes. Moreover, you cannot place these tanks outdoors and they are hard to transport or relocate. As these tanks are not resistant to certain weather conditions, they can only be used indoors, taking up a lot of your company space. The BUWATEC fish tank is developed to be placed outside. These fish tanks are easy to assemble and easy to maintain. Do you have, for example, tilapia, trout, eel, carps or salmon and you want to farm them? This can be done in a BUWATEC a fish tank.

The advantages of a fish tank

A BUWATEC fish tank is very suitable for fish farming. The right material and high quality allow you to farm different types of fish. Would you for example prefer a steel water tank for the fish farm? BUWATEC can realize it. There are many advantages to a steel water tank. BUWATEC will be happy to tell you more about it. BUWATEC supplies steel water silos with different diameters for aqua culture. Do you need a steel water silo with a 30 meter diameter? We can make it possible! Our farming tanks are provided without any concrete foundation. This way you can easily disassemble your fish tank and reuse it. A BUWATEC fish tank is a good investment. Would you like to know more about the advantages of a BUWATEC fish tank? Then we refer to our website. Here, you can find more information about the different tanks of BUWATEC.

Delivery and transport

We prefer fast service, as many fish tanks, manufactured by us, are without a concrete foundation. Installation of our tanks requires few materials and tools. This allows you to quickly benefit from your own fish tank. Moreover, the operational costs are kept low, because the installation is done above ground. Would you like to export water tanks to continents like Africa, Asia, or South-America? The BUWATEC water tanks are very suitable for this purpose. On our website a video can be found about a fish farming project, with our fish tank, for the farming of fish in Africa.

BUWATEC is aware that fish are increasingly more often farmed in natural environments. Fish are thus farmed under controlled circumstances. This work method is becoming increasingly more popular. The costs of catching fish in open water are rising, the eventual problem of which is overfishing. This may harm the natural habitat of fish and sustain high costs for the products. With our products we have the opportunity to control fish production and fish farming. We can do this by finding the balance between operational costs and market profits. Would you like to know more about this? You can call us or email us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

The BUWATEC work method

Since the founding of BUWATEC, our company has expanded to many countries around the world. We can call ourselves an independent market leader in the area of water storage systems. Our tanks are versatile and multifunctional. They can be used, for example, as part of small-scale water treatment plants, biogas installations, horticulture or for fish farming. Do you need help processing slurry or are you active in agriculture? BUWATEC has everything you need and will be able to assist you. BUWATEC is capable of installing tanks in a fast and efficient manner. The BUWATEC products and materials are developed in such a way that the customer can assemble the tank himself. The installation of a BUWATEC tank is based on a prepared subsoil. The great advantage of this work method is that we are very flexible and able to keep the costs low. We can quickly supply your tank.

Do you have specific wishes or needs? Feel free to tell us! BUWATEC will be happy to cooperate with you to realize a customized tank. We will support you all the way through the process and be happy to be of assistance. BUWATEC is a large, worldwide company, active in 50 different countries. We export liquid tanks and silos and work closely together with local specialists in different market segments, like companies in the area of water purification, horticulture, drinking water companies and agriculture. We stand for product improvement and innovation. In addition, BUWATEC supports its dealers with, for example, product trainings and technical support.

BUWATEC aims for solid cooperation and innovation. We ensure customer satisfaction. We listen to the needs of local customers and, based on this, we compose a customized tank. So stop looking for cheap fish tanks or silos and go for a high quality fish tank. Our service is fast, effective and efficient. We are there for you and your storage! We offer a range of possibilities. Are you curious about these possibilities? On our website, you can find more information about our company, the products, the latest news and photos. So you can see for yourself what the BUWATEC fish tank or silo looks like. We are looking forward to welcoming you at BUWATEC!