World Water Day 2019 – Water for all

Today March 22 2019, it is World Water Day. A day created by the United Nations in 1992 to reflect on the global problems of water management and sanitation. Topics such as climate change, population growth and economic developments require sustainable solutions.

In 2010 the UN recognized the right to safe an clean drinking water and the right for good sanitation as human rights. This gives everyone, without limitation, the right to freely accessible, affordable and safe water that can be used for personal hygiene, food preparation and household hygiene. Unfortunately billions of people live without access to safe and clean water. This makes it difficult for schools, households, farmers and companies to survive and thrive. It is shocking but more than 700 children under five year die every day due to unsafe water and poor hygiene.

In recent years, BUWATEC had been involved with specialists in water treatment, NGO organizations and national governments. BUWATEC makes a contribution with steel water tanks with a good quality liner and roof system. It will counteract pollution, evaporation and algae growth just so we can guarantee the availability of clean and safe water.

World Water Day reminds us that access to clean water is not obvious to everyone. About 4 billion people, nearly two thirds of the world’s population, experience severe water scarcity for at least one month of the year. BUWATEC sees the importance of continuing to develop sustainable and affordable solutions for this segment.