Water tank, best watertank, developed by Buwatec Water Technology


Are you interested in a watertank? Do you need a perfect water tank for multiple purposes? You have come to the right place, because experienced company Buwatec Water Technology has developed the perfect watertank. We would like to tell you more about our water tank. In the past years we have developed into becoming market leader in the field of the watertank. We have also specialized in the manufacturing and distributing of liquid storage systems such as the water tank. Our watertank is based on a modular design, so it fits perfectly everywhere. The water storage system is made of curved corrugated steel plates. We also manufacture the tank liner, the appropriate tank cover and a special coating, which prevents the tank from corrosion. This way we offer the optimal solution when you are looking into water storage systems. Because of the modular design, we can ship the water tank all over the world efficiently. This reduces shipping costs significantly. It is therefore that you will find our water tank worldwide.

Multiple purposes for watertank

Nowadays Buwatec Water Technology’s water tank is used in more than 50 countries. To be close to our customers and to support them optimally, we work together with multiple dealers in various countries. Assistance and support is always close to you. We are a flexible company, working in a sustainable manner. Our watertank can be used in various segments, such as the agriculture, aquaculture, aquaponics, horticulture and in the industry. The water tank is also used for drinking water and water purification. You can also find our watertank as part of a biogas installation, a small scale water treatment plant , for processing slurry in the agricultural business or in drinking water installations.

Affordable watertank, inexpensive water tank

You will find that our watertank is affordable. This is because of various reasons. Most importantly, we always offer competitive rates. We already mentioned the reduced shipping costs. Another big part is that the installation of the water tank only needs man power, it can be done without machinery. The manually constructed water tank is placed on a prefab foundation, you do not need to make a concrete base. This also means that the water tank can be put anywhere you want it, even in the most distant places. Our water tank also plays an important role for water storage in areas where water is scarce, or on the opposite, when water storage for later drainage is needed.