Water storage tanksFor decades, the Dutch company BUWATEC has specialized in modular liquid storage systems, thus producing and supplying a completely Dutch product. The core activity of BUWATEC is developing, producing, selling and distributing a range of modular water storage tanks systems. To come to a product adapted to your requirements, we combine manufactured corrugated steel panels with the proper tank covers and tank liners, and in this way we carefully design the product you need.
BUWATEC is an important player in the world market for modular systems for storing different sorts of liquids and it can boost on many years of experience. We developed a large range of equipment to collect water and keep it in perfect condition for irrigation, aquaponics, water harvesting and also for the storage of drain water and recirculation water. Moreover, we developed knowledge regarding the collection and recollection of water in areas that are dealing with water scarcity. Our high-quality products are used for small scale water treatments plants, drink water and biogas installations, aquaculture (e.g. fish farming tanks), and for processing slurry in the agricultural business.
BUWATEC offers modular systems for water storage tanks. The water storage tank system’s design is based on various export requirements to be able to quickly install and efficiently transport the product. Installation is based on a prefab foundation, in order to reduce costs and being able to work flexible. The water storage tanks have been developed so that construction can be executed by man power only.

Dealers for water storage tanks

BUWATEC exports water storage tanks worldwide in various market segments, such as aquaculture, agriculture, horticulture, the industry, and also for the storage of drinking water. We maintain a well-respected dealer network in over 50 countries. BUWATEC exports water storage tanks to over 50 countries around the globe and in every country we have specialists in specific market segments or branches in order to be able to rapidly respond to the needs of local markets; together we are able to design solutions for many applications. Supporting dealers with various trainings and with our technical know-how is a logical part of our collaboration. We greatly support personal contact, where dealers come first. BUWATEC is always interested in entering into cooperation with new dealers and we always strive after maintaining long-term relationships. And in the unlikely event that a conflict with any new dealer might arise, our objective is to protect our existing dealers. We strongly believe in our core values: we are customer-oriented, we always work with respect and you are sure to receive the highest quality at the best price.

BUWATEC’s vision on water storage tanks usage

With our vision on the storage of limited amounts of water in a perfect condition BUWATEC intends to contribute to improving the world. We want to share our technical know-how and experience, and make it available to our dealers, focusing on long-term relationships. We want only to do business with respect and the will to do good, so for instance we do not sell water storage systems if there is any doubt about the correct application or feasibility. And that is how BUWATEC stands out.