Buwatec developed perfect water storage tank

Water storage tank

Are you searching for a water storage tank? Do you need water storage tanks for storing and keeping water? Buwatec Water Technology has grown into the position of market leader in the field of water storage tanks, so don’t look any further but keep on reading here. We offer you the best water storage tank for various reasons. Our water storage tanks are used in various segments, like agriculture, aquaculture, aquaponics, horticulture and in the industry. The water storage systems can also be part of a a biogas installation, a small scale water treatment plant or drinking water installations. When there are issues with water scarcity or heavy rainfall, our water storage tanks can be very useful. Storing much needed water during times of drought will save millions of people’s lives. Our high-quality water storage tank reduces water stress immensely. The water tanks are also used as part of a drainage system, to discharge huge amounts of water in a safe way.

Water storage tank worldwide

Buwatec Water Technology’s water storage tanks are based on a modular design. They are made of curved corrugated steel plates and can be shipped together with the tank liners and tank covers in an efficient and cheap way. The water storage tanks are fully customized to meet your demands and preferences. As we speak, our water storage tanks are used in more than 50 countries worldwide. We work closely together with multiple dealers in various countries, so you have always easy access to information, advice or anything else you might need. You will find us to be a flexible company, working in a durable way.

Affordable water storage tanks

Not only are the shipping costs of the modular water storage tank reduced to a minimum, the installation costs are also low. This is because you don’t need a concrete base to put the water storage tank on. It can simply be placed on a prefab foundation. Furthermore, the installation of the water storage tanks is very easy, because it can be done manually, needing man power only. As you do not need a lot of heavy machinery, this will positively affect your installations costs. The tank will be placed on a prefabricated foundation. This means another cost reduction and also, barely any limits as to where you would like to put the water storage tank. It can be placed in even the most remote and hard to reach places. Most importantly, we always offer the most competitive rates for the water storage tanks to begin with.