water catchmentDo you need a water catchment system? A water catchment is an area where water is collected by the natural landscape; the outside edge of a catchment always being the highest point. Gravity causes all rain and run-off in the catchment to run downhill where it naturally collects in rivers, lakes or oceans. The water collected by the natural landscape can be used to help supply water for our needs, and this is particularly useful in areas faced with water scarcity. One of the inevitable consequences of climate change is that dry areas are get dryer and water scarcity is increasing. The estimation is that in 2025 approximately three billion people will be confronted with water stress, whereas some 500 million people will have trouble with water shortage. The world is facing a challenge when it comes to storing drinking water and water for hygienic purposes.
The Dutch-based company BUWATEC has been involved in several projects involving the storage of drinking water over the last years. We implemented projects on water purification and stayed in close contact with NGO organisations and national governments. While cooperating with water purification companies, we developed durable, future-oriented and affordable solutions. BUWATEC delivers basic tanks for both potable water as well as for drinking water.

Dealers for water catchment systems

BUWATEC is a renowned specialist for modular water storage systems that can also be used for water catchment. With decades of experience we produce and supply a completely Dutch system. The core activity of BUWATEC is selling and the development, production and distribution of complete water storage systems for water catchment, by using manufactured corrugated steel panels, tank liners and tank covers. BUWATEC cooperates with dealers in over fifty countries and we offer them support in the form of product training and technical know-how where needed. We strive after maintaining long-term relationships with them, since personal contact comes first. Thanks to the close cooperation with our dealers and local specialists, we can design tailor-made solutions for specific applications. BUWATEC exports liquid storage systems around the world in various branches, such as horticulture, the industry, agriculture, and aquaculture and also for storing drinking water.

Water catchment and BUWATEC’s vision

BUWATEC strives after improving the world and we want to share our knowledge on perfectly storing limited amounts of water with our dealers. That also entails that we never deliver our water storage systems for water catchment, if we are not sure about the feasibility and correct application. Quality is first and foremost about working with respect, with regard to people, the environment and the way you operate. We always conduct our business based on our core values and that means delivering the highest quality at competitive prices, being customer-oriented and always working with respect to people and the environment.