Water catchment solutions from Buwatec Water Technology

water catchment

Buwatec is the right company when it comes to water storage systems and also, their water catchment tanks. Buwatec has designed, built en perfected the possibilities on water catchment, in fact, they have evolved to be the market leader in this industry. Worldwide the water catchment installations of Buwatec can be found. They export their water catchment tanks to over 50 countries in the world and work together with various dealers in multiple countries. The local specialists will advise and help you with installing your water catchment system, which can be executed easy and quick. Buwatec’s water catchment tank consists of corrugated and curved steel plates. The design of the tank is modular and fully customized, so it will meet all the requirements your company needs. The water catchment tank is sustainable and made with special liner, so algae or other ways of pollution have no chance to ruin the collected water in the tank. The special cover will refrain the water from evaporation. You will find Buwatec’s water catchment solutions in various sectors, like in agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and the industry. They are also of good use in a biogas installation, drinking water systems or as part of a small scale water treatment plant and for water purification.

Quick installation of water catchment

It is very easy to install the Buwatec water catchment tank and you will find that is can be done in a quick way as well. The water catchment tank is installed on a prefab foundation, which means there are hardly any limits as to where you would like to place your water catchment tank. The construction of the water catchment can be done manually, using man power only, which means you are reducing your installation costs significantly. The water catchment tanks are fully customized to accommodate you and your company to a maximum level of functionality. Buwatec ensures their clients that the water catchment tanks are very affordable, as they always offer sharp competitive pricing.

More information on water catchment

Once you get to know Buwatec and it’s staff, you will find us to be very flexible towards our clients, so they will purchase the best water catchment system possible. We find it important to operate sustainable, in order to care for the future of our planet. It is also why we have engaged in projects to prevent water scarcity and reduce water stress. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you!