Water catchment solutions from Buwatec Water Technology

water catchment

Do you need a solution for water catchment? Have you been looking into possibilities for the best water catchment options? We are happy to state you have come to the right place, because Buwatec has all the options for you. Over the years Buwatec has specialised in high quality water storage systems based on a modular design. In fact, we have developed into becoming market leader in this field. We have specialised in developing, manufacturing and distributing water catchment solutions for various segments. You will find our water catchment tanks in agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and in the industry. They can also be part of a small scale water treatment plant or as part of a biogas installation. Important to point out is that Buwatec’s water catchment can also be used in area’s where water is scarce. To store water and to keep it for a longer period of time is very valuable for millions of people, now and in the future. The possibilities of Buwatec’s water catchment solutions are endless. We distribute our water catchment tanks all over Netherlands and also worldwide. These days you find our water catchment tanks in more than 50 countries all over the world. In order to maintain our high level of service, we work with multiple experienced dealers in various countries.

Construction of water catchment tank is easy

The water catchment tank is made of corrugated steel plates, which can be shipped easily and efficiently, together with the proper lining and the right cover for the tank. Installation of the water catchment tank is very easy. Maybe to your surprise, but you don’t need heavy machinery for the construction. It can all be done manually, using man power only. Also, the tank does not require a concrete base. It will be placed on a prefab foundation, which enables you to place the water catchment almost anywhere you want. The tank can be placed in even hard-to-reach places. Because the shipping is efficient and the construction is easy, this will reduce your transportation and installation cost to the very minimum.

Water catchment is affordable

As stated, the several costs will be reduced significantly. On top of that, Buwatec always strive to offer our clients the sharpest competitive rates. In conclusion we can therefore safely state that water catchment is affordable. Give us a call today! You will find Buwatec flexible to work with, in a sustainable manner.