Transporting WSW tanks, 8850 cubic meters in one truck

The world goes on and so does our production. Five WSWB tanks went abroad last week. The five identical tanks have a diameter of 30.90 meters and a height of 2.36 meters. With a respectable capacity of 1770 cubic meters per tank, a total of 8850 cubic meters can be stored.

We managed to load these five tanks in one truck within 30 minutes with the use of one forklift. See our video below to see how we work.

Our export tanks are constructed from panels with a maximum length of 2.24 meters, it is possible to load the pallets through the rear of the truck or container. In this case the truck was 2.40 wide but the same technique can be used in a container as long as the pallets are a maximum of 2.30 meters wide.

The pallets with steel are placed close together and form a flat surface to place the liners on. Because the pallets stand close together, we can minimize the risk of damage during transport. We secure the pallets with lashing straps before departure, this is not necessary but it is required for border control.

In this case the WSWB tanks are used for an industrial project. We are also active in other segments, such as horticulture or aquaculture. Curious about the possibilities? Do not hesitate and contact us.

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