Tank water level indicator

The BUWATEC tank level indicator, a reliable and working measuring system

There are water tanks all over the world and that regularly raises the question: ‘How much liquid is actually in the water tank?’

A few months ago, BUWATEC introduced a water tank level indicator. This level indicator simply answers the above question.
The BUWATEC tank level indicator works with a float ball, which floats on the liquid in the tank. This float ball is attached to a cord, which is connected to a counterweight via a pulley system. The counterweight ensures that the external level indicator remains equal to the liquid level in the tank. This shows you exactly how much liquid is stored on the outside of the tank.

With a thin bracket, which is placed over the bolt sets, the tank level indicator can be mounted on both new and existing tanks. The water tank can also remain in use during installation, because the assembly takes place from the outside.
The level meter system can only be used in combination with span covers, the BUWAtop steel roofs or the BUWAdome cover systems. This system is not suitable for use in combination with floating covers.

Do you want a reliable and simple measuring system that requires little maintenance and can be installed quickly? Please contact the BUWATEC sales team for more information: water-tank@buwatec.com.

Water tank water level indicator