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Do you need a steel water tank for water storage? Are you looking for possibilities to store and keep water for a longer period of time, like with a steel water tank? Buwatec Water Technology would like to tell you more about our steel water tank, that is the perfect answer to your question. Buwatec Water Technology is located in Almkerk, Netherlands, and has been serving clients worldwide with our liquid storage systems. We are the market leader in the field of water storage systems. Our core business is the development, production, sale and distribution of complete water storage systems, in which the steel water tank has his place. We are a flexible company, working in a durable manner and we will show you that the installation of water storage is very easy. Of course, we innovate and re-design our tanks all the time. Let us explain why you need our steel water tank and not some other kind. Our steel water tank is made of manufactured corrugated steel panels, based on a modular design. Together with the proper tank liners and tank cover, they are very suitable for every client, anywhere in the world, for various purposes. All our tanks can be completely customized, in order to serve your needs. Our steel water tank can be used for many different purposes.

Steel water tank worldwide

Buwatec Water Technology exports the steel water tank worldwide, in fact, our liquid storage systems are shipped to more than 50 countries these days. We work together closely with various dealers in multiple countries, so our clients always have assistance close by. The dealers work within a well-functioning dealer network. In order to support our clients with local know-how and more, Buwatec Water Technology supports our dealers with product innovations, technical know-how and product training regularly. In case you think this will lead to exorbitant prices, we can assure you that our tanks are affordable, as we always offer the tanks at very competitive rates. Another reason our steel water tank is affordable, is because of the low shipping costs. As the panels can be shipped efficiently, the transportation costs will go down to a minimum. The last reason is the fact that you are not facing high installation costs. Our tanks can be installed without machinery, the only things you need are man power and hand tools. The tanks are placed on a prefab base.

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Do you have questions regarding our steel water tank or other issues? Please let us know, we are always happy to help you. You can also send us a request for a free and non-binding quote through this website. We respond within one working day.