Exemplary steel water tank liner by Buwatec Water Technology

metal water tank

Are you searching for a tank liner? Does it need to be a steel water tank liner? Buwatec Water Technology has you covered! Buwatec Water Technology is the specialist when it comes to water storage systems, of which the steel water tank liner is an important part. Our water storage systems consist of the steel tank itself, a proper tank cover and the steel water tank liner. Buwatec Water Technology focuses on designing, developing, producing and distributing the tanks and the steel water tank liner for customers all over the world. These days, you see our water storage systems in more than 50 countries. In various countries we work with several dealers, so we have assistance for you close by. In order for the dealers to serve their clients in the best way possible, we offer them product innovations, technical know-how and product training all the time. This certainly goes for the steel water tank liner as well, as it is an important part of the storage system. Our water storage systems are based on a modular design and can be fully customized. They are a completely Dutch product.

Choices steel water tank liner

Buwatec Water Technology offers a few options for the steel water tank liner. Over the years we have perfected the liners and as a result we can now produce several choices:

  • pvc liner,
  • pvc extreme liner,
  • EX liner,
  • EPDM liner.

Please not that we also have liner outlets. Our team will assist you about the specific details of the steel water tank liner, you are certain you buy the correct one. It is important that you choose the right liner. It matters where you are located in the world, as varying climate circumstance are of influence by storing and keeping water and other sorts of liquids. Buwatec Water Technology has developed a steel water tank liner of the highest quality, to meet requirements like chemical resistance, UV resistance, strength of the liner or tarpaulin and workability during the installation. Did you know that the installation of the water storage tank and also the steel water tank liner can be done without heavy machinery? The installation can be done completely with man power, using only hand tools. The tank is placed on a prefab base. This is a nice cost reduction fact! Our water tanks are made of corrugated steel plates. Another cost reduction fact is that we can ship the plates, together with the liner and cover, in a very efficient way. This cuts down the transportation costs significantly. Buwatec Water Technology developed liquid storage systems for many different segments. You can think of:

  • horticulture,
  • agriculture,
  • aquaponics & aquaculture,
  • drinking water installations,
  • industry,
  • small-scale water treatment plant,
  • part of biogas installation.

Buwatec Water Technology is a flexible company, always finding solutions for what our customers need. We work in a sustainable way, because we care about the environment. As market leader, we find it very important to contribute to the world’s and people’s well-being. It is therefore, that we also participate in projects where solutions need to be found for water scarcity. With the help of our water storage systems, especially the steel water tank liner, drinking water problems are solved. Fresh water is stored and kept for a longer period of time. Safely, for people, crops and cattle. Our water storage systems are affordable, as we make sure to always offer very competitive prices. Are you interested in our steel water tank liner or other products? Please do not hesitate to give us a call! We will show you that storing water is easy.