Buwatec Water Technology manufactures right steel water storage tanks

commercial water tanks

Buwatec Water Technology is the specialist you need when looking for steel water storage tanks. For decades now, our company has been focusing on designing, developing, producing and exporting steel water storage tanks and they can be found all over the world these days. We are the market leader in true solutions for water storing and water keeping for a longer period of time. Our steel water storage tanks are based on a modular design, a construction system in which many parts are interchangeable with various models. This means they are applicable in many different fields. You can think of:

  • industry,
  • drinking water installations,
  • agriculture (manure and irrigation),
  • aquaculture and aquaponics,
  • horticulture,
  • biogas installations,
  • small-scale water treatment plants.

An important detail about Buwatec Water Technology’s steel water storage tanks is that they can be fully customized. This means in close collaboration with you, we build you the perfect tank, exactly according to the desired size and within your budget. We always offer competitive tariffs.

Steel water storage tanks all over the world

Our product is an entirely Dutch product, but it can be found in over 50 countries worldwide these days. When we tell you about all the benefits, then you will understand why so many companies choose Buwatec Water Technology’s steel water storage tanks. Our tanks are made of high quality curved, corrugated steel plates. We combine them with the proper tank cover and tank liners, so you receive a complete package. Are the shipping and installations costs worrying you? There is no need, as we pack the plates, somewhat smaller in size because of export, very efficiently. Installation can be done by man power, just using hand tools. You do not need any machinery. The steel water storage tanks are put on a prefabricated foundation, which is another cost reducing element. Plus, it gives you the possibility to place the steel water storage tanks almost everywhere you want. We work together closely with multiple dealers in various countries, in order to use local knowledge and have assistance for you close-by. We constantly support them with product innovations, technical knowhow and product training. Our company highly regards respect for our clients, dealers, suppliers, competitors and colleagues. This is also the reason that we will inform you when there is doubt about the application or the feasibility of the steel water storage tanks.

Sustainable steel water storage tanks

You will quickly discover that Buwatec Water Technology is a flexible company, working in a sustainable manner. Our vision and mission combined is that we want to create a world where there are less problems with too much water or water scarcity. In our steel water storage tanks one can keep water when there is too much, and use it later on for irrigation. Our tanks are especially designed to keep and store fresh water for drinking water purposes. Have we sparked your interest regarding our steel water storage tanks or other products? We warmly welcome you at our company and look forward to inform you further. We always offer you a permanent contact person, as we value personal contact and are customer-oriented.