Steel rainwater tanks from Buwatec Water Technology

Steel rainwater tanks

Are you familiar with steel rainwater tanks? Or you have heard something about steel rainwater tanks, but you do not exactly know what they are or which great benefits they have? Let us tell you more about the steel rainwater tanks from Buwatec Water Technology. They are the best and most innovate steel rainwater tanks on the worldwide market! Market leader Buwatec Water Technology is located in Almkerk, Netherlands, and our main activity is the development, production, sale and distribution of complete water storage systems, such as steel rainwater tanks. What makes our tanks so special? We combine manufactured corrugated steel panels with the correct tank liners and tank covers, based on a modular design. This means we can develop the perfect steel rainwater tanks, completely tailored to your company. Our steel rainwater tanks are especially designed for worldwide markets and the tanks are exported all over the world nowadays. They can be found in more than 50 countries. In multiple countries we have various dealers. All our dealers are working within a fine functioning dealer network. To give our clients assistance with local knowhow and more, we support the dealers with product innovations, technical know-how and product training on a frequent basis.

Steel rainwater tanks for many segments

Buwatec Water Technology’s steel rainwater tanks can be used in many different segments. One can think of

  • agriculture,
  • horticulture,
  • aquaponics and aquaculture,
  • drinking water and water purification,
  • industry.

Our water storage systems are very useful in areas where people have to deal with severe water scarcity. The steel rainwater tanks are perfect to store and keep water for a longer period of time. You can also find our steel tanks as part of a small scale water treatment plant or in a biogas installation. The greatest benefit of our steel rainwater tanks is that they can be built with man power only, using hand tools. No machinery is required.

Affordable steel rainwater tanks

Once you get to know Buwatec Water Technology, you will find us to be a flexible company, always finding ways to accommodate your needs. We work in a durable manner. Most importantly, we always offer very competitive tariffs. Because the steel panels can be shipped efficiently, together with tank liners, covers and accessories, your transportation costs are reduced to the bare minimum. Would you like to know if the steel rainwater tanks are the right choice for you? Through this website you can request a free and non-binding quote immediately. We always respond within one working day.