Best slurry tank from Buwatec

slurry tank

Do you need a slurry tank for your agricultural business? Have you been looking for a high quality slurry tank to implement in your company’s activities? You do not need to look any further, as you have come to the right place. Buwatec has years of experience in building the perfect slurry tank. Over the past decades we have developed, manufactured and distributed high quality liquid storage systems, based on a modular design. Dung, liquid manure, slurry, whichever name you give animal excrement, it needs to be dealt with in a professional, ecologically friendly and sustainable matter. Therefore, you need a reliable firm like Buwatec to provide you with a slurry tank that safely stores slurry until the time you will use it on your land or when it gets disposed otherwise.

Slurry tank worldwide

Buwatec’s slurry tank is made of corrugated steel plates, which can be efficiently shipped in Netherlands but also everywhere in the world. This day you will find our slurry tank and various other liquid storage systems in more than 50 countries worldwide. To maintain our high level of service, we work closely together with multiple dealers in various countries. We also make use of the knowledge of the local specialists in order to serve you best.

Affordable slurry tank

As said, our slurry tank is made of corrugated steel plates. Together with the right lining and tank cover, you have the perfect slurry tank for your company. The installation of the slurry tank is very easy. You will need no heavy duty machinery, as the construction can be done manually, using man power only. The slurry tank will be placed on a prefabricated foundation, so you do not need to make a concrete base. Because of the efficient way of transportation and the easy way of installing the slurry tank, the positive effects are that your costs will be reduced to a minimum. The prefab foundation makes it possible to install the slurry tank everywhere, there are hardly any limits, so it can even be placed in the most remote spots. The conclusion of all this is that Buwatec’s customized slurry tank is very affordable. On top of that we always strive to offer our customers the sharpest competitive rates. Why don’t your give Buwatec a call today and find out what we can do for you and how we can build the perfect slurry tank for your company? You will find us to be a flexible company and working sustainably.