Water tanks aan het water

Horticulture water tanks

The developments in the world of horticulture transform this business on a regular basis. Customer demand, scientific and technical advancements are the main reasons of innovations in automation, mechanisation and techniques. Significant innovations for LED-lighting, heating/cooling and water techniques have taken place in recent years. It is important for the irrigation and processes sector to comply to the latest trends.

Water storage systems for horticulture

Over the last few decades BUWATEC took a position into the world’s leading company in water storage systems for the horticulture segment. In this segment BUWATEC delivers complete steel water tanks for irrigation and aquaponics. Together with dealers is BUWATEC working hard on  implementing new horticultural innovations in steel water tanks for irrigation, aquaponics, purification and water treatment.

The complete water tank for horticulture

BUWAtank water tanks for irrigation and aquaponics are complete storage systems. The water tanks are modular and based on curved corrugated steel plates. Liners for inside the tanks have various qualities and applications. In combination with a variety of covers and roof systems water tanks can be optimized into a fully closed water storage systems for horticulture and especially for irrigation and aquaponics systems.

Advantages of water tanks for horticulture by BUWATEC

  • Steel water tanks were developed and are manufactured in the Netherlands.
  • Unique double sided coating on the galvanised steel tank plate water tanks.
  • Product innovations with new galvanized ZM200 method on S350 high quality steel.
  • Water tanks are durable and most environment friendly.
  • Water tanks are perfect for water storage in irrigation, algae farming, aquaponics and storage of purification installations and plants.