Recirculation water tank needed? Buwatec has it!

Recirculation water tank
Do you need a recirculation water tank? Have you been searching for the perfect recirculation water tank? You do not need to look any further, as Buwatec has the answers when it comes to a recirculation watertank, as for decades, we have specialised in modular liquid storage systems and recirculation water tanks. We are developing, producing and distributing a wide range of watertanks and no doubt, we have the perfect recirculation watertank for you. Our tanks are made of corrugated steel panels. With the right tank covers and tank liners, we create the perfect recirculation water tank for your business. Our recirculation water tank can be used in many different fields, such as agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and the industry. Operating a recirculation system means that the water is treated, cleaned and can then be re-used in a continuing process.

Recirculation water tank easy to install

Our recirculation watertank is modular based, which means the steel plates can be easily and efficiently shipped worldwide. More so, our recirculation watertank is easy to install and can be done quickly, as you need no heavy machinery to do so. The tank can be constructed manually, requiring man power only. Also, the recirculation water tank is placed on a prefab foundation. All this results in your transport and installing costs are reduced significantly. It also means that you are very flexible as to where to install the recirculation watertank. It can even be placed in the most remote spots. We ship the recirculation water tank to more than 50 countries worldwide. We work together with multiple dealers in various countries, to supply you with information or anything else you need.

More information about recirculation watertank

Buwatec is proud to state we are market leader in the field of liquid storage systems. We build our customized systems and thus the recirculation watertank, based on our modular design. We offer our recirculation water tank at competitive rates to keep them affordable. The recirculation watertank is a re-usable product, so it is environmentally friendly and sustainable. We offer liquid storage systems for various segments, like aquaculture, agriculture, horticulture and the industry. Our tanks can also be found as part of a biogas installation. You will find Buwatec a flexible company to work with. Give us a call today and find out, so we can tell you all about the recirculation water tank and what we can do for you!