Rainwater tank and special rain water tank from Buwatec

rainwater tank

Do you need a rainwater tank? Are you interested in a rain water tank for your company? Buwatec Water Technology has developed the most practical and affordable rainwater tank one can ask for! Over the years we have become market leader in developing, manufacturing and exporting water storage systems, specialising in the rain water tank. Our rainwater tank is based on a modular design, which makes it suitable for many companies and many purposes. In combination with the tank liner and tank cover you have the perfect solution for harvesting rainwater and using it later on. You can find our rain water tank in segments like agriculture, aquaculture, aquaponics, horticulture and in the industry. They can also be of good use as part of a biogas installation, a small water treatment plant, for processing slurry in the agricultural business or in drinking water installations. Because of the modular design, we can fully customize your rain water tank according to your needs and preferences. We can prove to you that storage of water can be done easily!

Rainwater tank is affordable

In case you may think that the rainwater tank from Buwatec is expensive, we can assure you: it is not! The rain water tank is actually very affordable for multiple reasons. We make it a key point to offer sharp, competitive tariffs. The rainwater tank is made of curved corrugated steel plates, which can be shipped very efficiently. This will reduce the shipping costs to a minimum. On top of all this, the installations of the rainwater tank is very easy and low-cost. You do not need a concrete base nor heavy duty machinery. The rain water tank is placed on a prefab foundation and the construction can be done manually, needing only man power. Because of the prefab base, there are hardly any limits as to where you can place the rainwater tank.

Rain water tank helps with water scarcity

The rain water tank is very suitable in areas where water is scarce or where water needs to be stored for a longer period of time. Buwatec not only participates in projects concerning the storage of rain water, but we have also implemented projects of water purification.

Rain water tank in more than 50 countries

Over the years more and more people have experienced the benefits of our rain water tank. The rainwater tank can be found in 50 countries worldwide. We work together with multiple dealers in various countries, so assistance and advice is always near you. Why don’t you give us a call today and find out what Buwatec can do for you? We are a flexible and durable company and are sure we can help you with the perfect rain water tank.