Rain water tank made by Buwatec Water Technology

rain water tank

If you are looking for a reliable and innovative partner, who specialised in liquid storage systems and water tanks, especially for a rainwater tank, then you have come to the right place. Buwatec is market leader when it comes to harvesting, keeping and storing rainwater, as well as re-use of the rainwater in the rainwater tank. We have perfected our liquid storage systems for use in different branches and specific market segments, like for the industry, water purification, drinking water, agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture. Our tanks and thus our rainwater tank also, are made of curved, corrugated steel plates, and we specialised in a rainwater tank based on a modular basis. That way it is very easy for us to export our rain water tank and it is therefore, that you will find our liquid water tanks all over the world. As a matter of fact. we ship our tanks and the rainwater tank especially to over 50 countries worldwide. We have multiple dealers in several countries, who can advise you on everything you need to know to purchase and install a rainwater tank. Which is, by the way, an easy and quick process. We are a company that works in a flexible matter in a sustainable way, producing our rain water tank.

Rainwater tank built by manpower for easy installation of rain water tank

One of the biggest benefits of Buwatec’s rainwater tank is the fact that it is very easy to install. We always aim to serve and unburden our clients and so, our rainwater tank is founded on a prefab foundation. The rainwater tank can then be built by manual construction, using man power only. This ensures great flexibility as far as the location of the rain water tank is concerned. The construction of the rainwater tank is not very time consuming and reduces costs significantly. And talking about costs: we make sure our tariffs are very competitive and that the rainwater tank is affordable. Buwatec proves that water storage can be simple.

Rain water tank to be used for catchment of rain water in tank

Besides using the tanks for rainwater, they can also be used in drinking water installations, installations for biogas, small scale water treatment plants and fish farming. Rainwater is free and has proven to be a comparatively clean source of water. Because it does not hold any chlorine like drinking water does, rainwater is better to use in gardens and landscape projects. Collecting rainwater in a rain water tank can solve drainage problems by using undemanding technologies and can also meet the upcoming shortages of drinking water.