Rain water tank specialist

rainwater tankAre you looking for a rain water tank? For decades, BUWATEC has specialized in modular liquid storage systems, producing a completely Dutch rain water tank. One of the consequences of climate change is that wet areas will get wetter, and dry areas will get dryer. Water scarcity is increasing and in 2025, approximately 500 million people will have trouble with water shortage while some three billion people will be confronted with water stress. Solutions for storing water in a rain water tank are posing a worldwide challenge. BUWATEC has been involved in several projects concerning rain water storage over the last decade. We were involved in projects concerning water purification, meanwhile interacting with contacts at national governments and various organisations. With an eye to the future and in cooperation with water purification companies, we developed affordable, durable and future-oriented solutions. BUWATEC delivers tanks for drinking water and for potable water.

Rain water tank and BUWATEC’s vision

BUWATEC’s core activity is to sell, develop, produce and distribute modular liquid storage systems. We combine corrugated steel panels with tank liners and covers in order to designing a product adapted to our clients needs.
BUWATEC is a renowned supplier of modular systems intended for storing different kinds of liquids in the global market. We want to share our knowledge and experience regarding water collection in areas facing water scarcity, based on one of our core values: the moral will to do right. Over the years we developed a range of equipment to keep collected and stored water in perfect condition for several purposes, such as for irrigation, aquaponics, water harvesting, and the storage of drain water and water recirculation. BUWATEC wants to perfectly store limited amounts of liquids in our high-quality rain water tanks; by doing so, we believe we can make a small contribution to improving the world. We would like to share our knowledge with our dealers, while focusing on long-term relationships and always doing business with respect. So if we are uncertain whether it is not feasible to install one of our tanks, or whether there is any doubt about the correct application, we will never conduct business.

Dealers of rain water tanks

BUWATEC exports rain water tanks to over 50 countries worldwide to various market segments, such as horticulture, aquaculture, agriculture and the industry. We maintain a well-respected dealer network in specific branches throughout the world and we support our dealers by offering them various trainings and helping them where necessary with our technical know-how and experience. Our rain water tanks are also used for storing drinking water. We solely do business based on our key values; we deliver high-quality modular liquid storage systems at the best possible price, and we work with respect to people and the environment.