Buwatec Water Technology developed perfect rain water tank

rain water tank

Are you looking for a rain water tank? Do you need a rain water tank? And do you need it to be a rain water tank based on a modular design? The search is over, as world renowned market leader Buwatec Water Technology has designed, developed and manufactured the perfect rain water tank! Our rain water tank is modular and can also be fully customized, so it meets all your requirements and preferences. Our rain water tank comes with a tank liner and a tank cover. This way you have the best option for harvesting rain water, to be used later on when it is needed. Buwatec Water Technology’s rain water tank is used in various industries, like agriculture, aquaculture, aquaponics, horticulture and in the industry. You also encounter them as a part of a biogas installation, a small scale water treatment plant, for processing slurry in the agricultural business or in drinking water installations. Our company proves that storage of water can be done comfortably!

Rain water tank is inexpensive

Our rain water tank is inexpensive and we can easily explain why. We make it a company habit to always offer our clients sharp and competitive rates. Besides that, our modular rain water tank is made of curved, corrugated steel plates. Combined with the tank liner and tank cover the volume is not large, so we can assure efficient shipping. The shipping costs are reduced to a minimum. The installation of the rain water tank does not require a concrete base nor heavy machinery for the construction. The construction is done manually, asking man power only, and the rain water tank is placed on a prefabricated foundation. Installation and constructions costs are also low this way! Because of the prefab base, there are hardly any limits as to where you can place the rain water tank.

Rain water tank in times of drought

In times of drought, the rain water tank can be of great use. In areas where water can become scarce or where water scarcity is a daily matter, rain water can be stored in the rain water tank for a long period of time. We participate in projects concerning the storage of rain water, but we have also implemented projects of water purification. We are shipping our rain water tank to more than 50 countries worldwide. We work together with multiple dealers in various countries, so assistance and advice is always near you.  We are a flexible company, working in a durable and responsible manner.