Rain water tank made by Buwatec Water Technology

rain water tankLooking for a specialist for water technology and water storage tanks, especially the rain water tank, then Buwatec is the right address for you. Over the years Buwatec Water Technology has evolved into a world leader in the market of water storage and the rain water tank. The design of the rain water tank is modular and can also be used for storage of other liquids. The Buwatec rain water tank is made of curved corrugated steel plates in such a way, that it is easy to be shipped around the globe, of course, meeting the required export regulations. No wonder Buwatec’s rain water storage can be found in 50 countries all over the world. The company has dealers in multiple countries and works closely together with local specialists in all 50 countries. The expertise of Buwatec and the local specialists lies in different branches and specific market segments, like industry, drinking water, water purification, aquaculture, agriculture and horticulture. They also have good understanding of the local requirements. 

Easy to build rain water tank

Most importantly, the rain water tank can easily be built by the client, as the installation is founded on a prefab foundation. The rain water tank can then be built by manual construction, by man power only. The costs for the client to install his rain water tank this way is considerably cost reducing, plus the storage tank provides maximum flexibility. Therefore, it is suitable for any situation and every location. The rain water tank is modular, customized and affordable, because Buwatec charges sharp, competitive rates. Buwatec has proven itself to be a flexible company and has shown that water storage is simple. The storage tanks can be used in drinking water installations, installations for bio gas, small scale water treatment plants and fish farming.

Why choose a rain water tank from Buwatec

Choosing a rain water tank is a smart option. After all, rain water is a free, relatively clean source of water. It is better for gardens and landscape plants, as it is not chlorinated. Harvesting rain water can solve drainage problems on your property, using simple technologies, which are easy and inexpensive to maintain. Rain water can be used as a main source of water and can be an important back-up source of water for emergencies. The last years it has become obvious that harvesting rain water in a rain water tank is becoming a viable alternative for the supply of water of our homes and businesses.