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BUWATEC supplies a complete range of modular corrugated steel storage tanks. BUWATEC innovates and re-design water tanks regularly. Steel water tanks are used for different applications and water tanks are an essential part of installations in the following segments: horticulture, fish farming, drink water, industry and agriculture.

The BUWAtank water tanks are designed for fast installation and efficient transport. The water tanks are developed enabling the installer to erect the tank with only manpower. The water tanks are exported to almost 50 different countries all over the world.

BUWATEC supplies different steel thickness for various applications

BUWATEC distributes steel water tanks in various segments. Essential is to understand the correct quality for every specific segment. The BUWAtanks are produced from the steel qualities S280 and S350 depending on the diameter and the height of the tank. In general, the water tanks are constructed from a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm up to 1.2 mm. In some applications the tank will have a minimum steel thickness of 1.85 mm.

Besides, the different steel strengths and qualities there is a distinction in the length of the steel panels. The long panels are 3.05 meter and are primarily used in the Netherlands. The short panels 2.24 meter are developed to upgrade the efficiency and minimalize transport costs for export deliveries.

All water tanks have the necessary CE-certification.

Plastisol coating

Optional all water tanks can be provided with a prefabricated Plastisol coating. The tank plates are coated on both sides with a 200 μm layer of Plastisol coating. The unique combination of the galvanized layer (ZM200) with the Plastisol coating will protect the tank against corrosion. The Plastisol coating has a very high UV resistance and will protect the steel plates against the influence of acids, alcohol and mineral oils.

WSW water tanks
WSW water tank have a minimum steel thickness of 0.8 mm. These water tanks are primarily used in the horticulture and for general projects for water storage applications inside buildings. The tanks with this minimum steel thickness are generally designed for inside use.

WSWA water tanks
WSWA water tanks have a steel thickness of minimum 1.0 mm. These WSWA water tanks are normally used in the horticulture business, fish farming, drink water applications and for irrigation purposes in agriculture surroundings. The type of tanks, with a minimum steel thickness of 1.0 mm, are generally meant for outside use.

WSWB water tanks
WSWB steel water tanks have a minimum steel thickness of 1.2 mm. These tanks are developed for heavy duty industrial applications. WSWB tanks are suitable for storage for waste and processing, where inside the tank cleaning pumping and purification will take place. Of course these tanks are designed to withstand the general outside climate conditions.