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BUWATEC supplies steel tanks as well tank liners as complete water storage systems. Tank liners will be used in various climate conditions around the world and for different applications. BUWATEC supplies a selection of liners enabling the highest quality requirements for each goal. The requirements are based on UV-resistance, use of fertilizers, temperature, chemical resistance, strength of material and installation restrictions.

BUWATEC supplies multiple qualities of tank liners

BUWATEC is active in various segments with different applications for water storage. There are several considerations which decide the best needed quality of the tank liner. BUWATEC is used to discuss the intended water quality, climate conditions on location and applications for selecting the best possible tank liner quality.

Tank liners are available in 4 basic material qualities PVC, PVC Extreme, EX en EPDM. The liners are supplied from 0.5 mm up to 1.2 mm thickness depending on the specific application. All tank liners are supplied in combination with protection blankets for the wall and bottom of the tank. The protection blankets are in our standard quality of 250 gr/m2.

The production process is based on ultra-modern welding techniques, which guarantee watertight connections of the tank liners. Each tank liner is inspected by light technology before leaving the production facility and meets all requirements according to CE-certification.

PVC liner
In general the tank liners are supplied in material thickness from 0.5 mm up to 1.0 mm. The PVC 0,5 mm tank liner is the standard solution for storage of clean water, rain water and potable water in mild climate conditions. The PVC 1.0 mm tank liner is used in the aquaculture and has a drinking water certification enabling this material for the storage of drink water.

PVC Extreme liner
The PVC extreme tank liner has a material thickness of 0.75 mm and is suitable for water storage in warm climates and areas with high UV intensity. This liner is applicable for storage of potable water as well as drink water applications, however without official certification. This material is suitable for storage of water with a maximal mix of Chlorine of 3 ppm.

EX liner
The EX tank liner has a material thickness of 0.6 mm and is the perfect solution for storage of water with limited chemical elements. This high quality liner material has a longer life time expectancy compared to PVC tank liners. The tank liner has a high UV resistance and is suitable for storage of water with temperatures between -40°C up to +80°C.

EPDM liner
EPDM tank liners are suitable for storage of water including chemical additional elements. The tank liner is available in thickness 1.0 mm. EPDM is used for storage of contaminated water and industrial process water. EPDM tank liners have the highest UV resistance as well as the highest life expectancy of all tank liners. The liner is suitable for water storage in extreme circumstances with temperature of -35°C up to +120°C.

Liner outlets
BUWATEC supplies patented outlets in our tank liners, conical design outlets give a maximum flexibility in installation and are available for pipe diameters from 32 up to 500 mm in 4 different models. Conical outlets will be installed in most optimal conditions during the fabrication process of a liner to guarantee the best quality.