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Buwatec supplies steel tanks with tank liners and cover as complete storage systems. Tank covers are used in various different climate conditions around the world. For different applications are several options possible for controlling the water quality. BUWATEC supplies a wide variation of tank covering methods enabling the highest quality requirements. Requirements are based on climate conditions like UV- resistance, environmental temperature, pollution, algae growth and protection against animals.

BUWATEC supplies multiple qualities of tank covers

BUWATEC is active in all segments with different applications for water storage. Specific considerations bring in the end decisions on the exact needed quality of the tank cover. BUWATEC is used to discuss the requested water quality, climate conditions and applications to advise customers the best possible tank, liner and cover solution.

Tank covers are supplied in the material qualities anti-algae fabric, EPDM, PVC foil and steel roof systems depending on the requirements.

BUWAcover anti algae PP span cover
A BUWAcover anti algae span cover is the basic solution to protect water against algae growth. A span cover is a simple and minimizes and is blocking sunlight. A woven Polypropylene tissue covers the tank above water level over the top of a tank. The PP cover is primarily used as an indoor solution up to diameter 8 meter. For outdoor use PP allows rain water to go into the tank, the cover has a reinforced hem with rustproof rings for fastening it by use of drag cord.

BUWAcover anti aigae PP floating cover
A BUWAcover Anti Algae Float is a basic floating cover, reducing algae growth and is installed inside the tank. Algae growth is minimized by blocking sunlight. The woven polypropylene tissue covers the water level almost completely. It is for outdoor use only. This cover is supplied without supporting floating rack and needs to be completed with local PVC pipes according to the instructions supplied.

BUWAcover Silofloat
A BUWAcover Silofloat is a unique and complete solution for protection against algae growth. The cover is made out of several layers of material, including floats. The cover is supported by a Polyethylene PE pipes, all included with cover. The Silofloat is for outdoor use for tanks with a maximum diameter up to diameter 30 meters.

BUWAtop metal roof
The BUWAtop metal roof cover is a sophisticated solution for outdoor industrial tanks and tanks holding potable water. It is available for all BUWAtank constructions up to a maximum diameter of 10 meters. The BUWAtop metal roof system is the best system to protect stored liquid against outside influences. Especially potable water or liquid for industrial use that needs to be clean, without containing garbage and pollution. The steel roof completely covers the tank, avoiding algae growth in the process. The steel roof is separated in a number of panels, which are fixed together to become a very strong watertight covering system. Installation is easy, because the panels are light weight and prepared for simple and quick assembly. The panels are installed clockwise and fixed with metal spanners on the outside of the BUWAtank, all details based on a clear installing instruction.

The BUWAdome roof is a self-supporting uniquely designed aluminium frame system. The system is designed for medium-size lightweight construction tanks with diameters from 4 meters up to 14 meters. After the installation of a frame, PVC, EPDM or anti-algae fabric cover is positioned over the framework. The cover reduces UV-light radiation, keeps pollution out of the tank and is bird proof. A BUWAdome system combined with a BUWAtank is suitable for all kind of storage applications.
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