Cover for all new and existing watertanks

BUWAtec recently appeared in Hortidaily with the following news article:

“If you were to take a tour of the greenhouses in the Netherlands you would see that not every watertank is well maintained. Sometimes there are even plants growing above the tank, which has consequences for the water quality and must be prevented,” says Kees Ooms, director of Buwatec. He believes that with the BUWAdome, developed in cooperation with Albers Alligator, the problem can be overcome.

In the Netherlands thousands of water tanks are located at greenhouses and related industries. These tanks are usually well covered with a tarpaulin or a floating roof, but this is not always the case. Kees: “Both systems are very suitable for horticulture, but have their drawbacks. The tarpaulins for outside storage are only suitable for diameters of 8 to 9 metres and are less resistant to heavy rain or snow. The tarpaulins, on the other hand, can be used for all tanks, but a tarpaulin does not cover the watertanks completely, which can lead to algae growth.”

Full coverage
Covering tanks is very important to ensure the quality of the water. In many cases, the watertank is not considered particularly important, but the stored water is. Often, less attention is paid to the tank cover, even though it is one of the most important components.

As a solution to this problem and to improve the quality of the water, Buwatec has developed the BUWAdome in cooperation with Albers Alligator. With the innovative BUWAdome system, which completely covers the watertank, the problem can be overcome.

Every grower
The BUWAdome is a lightweight and affordable cover for every watertank up to a diameter of 17 meter. Due to the ‘smart’ brackets, which are developed for over the edge, the BUWAdome systems are suitable for all types of water tanks. “The roofs are therefore not only available for Buwatec tanks, but also for all other tank suppliers,” Kees emphasises. “Every grower is therefore able to purchase a BUWAdome roof system to optimise the quality of his water.”