Buwatec Water Technology produces thé metal water tank

metal water tank

Are you in need of a metal water tank? Are you operating a small scale water treatment plant and you need to replace the metal water tank? Or maybe you are setting up such a plant and you are searching for the best options? We can assure you that Buwatec Water Technology has all the answers when it comes to a metal water tank. Not without reason we have developed into a market leader in the field of liquid storage systems. The focus of our company lies on developing, producing, selling and distributing complete water storage systems. We are located in Almkerk, Netherlands, serving clients worldwide with our metal water tank. Our metal water tank has a special design: it is made of manufactured corrugated steel panels and, this is important, it is based on a modular design. This means our metal water tank is suitable for many different purposes and for many clients worldwide. Examples of different areas our tanks are used, besides a small scale water treatment plant, are:

  • part of a biogas installation,
  • drinking water and water purification,
  • horticulture,
  • agriculture,
  • industry,
  • aquaculture and aquaponics.

Our tanks come as a complete package with the proper tank liners and tank covers. Once you get to know us, you realize we are a flexible company, to serve you our utmost best. We care for the environment, so we have made it a company habit to work in a durable way.

Metal water tank affordable

There are a number of reasons why Buwatec Water Technology’s metal water tank is affordable. We will explain how this is possible with such a high-quality product. First of all, we always offer very competitive rates for our tanks. Second, the panels of the metal water tank are shipped in an efficient way, so this cuts down your transportation costs significantly. Third, there are no heavy machines needed to install the storage system, as it can be done by man power only. The only things you need are hand tools. This means the installation costs are also kept to a minimum. It also means that you can place the metal water tank in every place you want or need to, even in the most remote places. Because of all these benefits, we are able serve clients worldwide with our water storage systems. Nowadays, we export to over 50 countries. In order to supply all our clients, we have set up a dealer network with various dealers in multiple countries. The dealer network functions very well and is able to support all our clients, no matter where they are located. The dealers have lots of local know-how and also, Buwatec Water Technology supports them with product innovations, technical know-how and product training continually.

Non-binding quote for metal water tank

Have you decided on purchasing the metal water tank? You can send us a request for a free and non-binding quote through our website and we will respond within one working day. We can imagine you have questions or need some specific information. Please give us a call and we inform you right away. We will show you liquid storage is easy!