Metal water tank made by Buwatec Water Technology

metal water tank

Are you interested in a metal water tank? Are you thinking about acquiring a metal water tank? You have reached the right place, as Buwatec Water Technology is market leader in developing water storage systems such as the metal water tank. We manufacture the metal water tank in a modular way, so it can be easily and cost-effectively shipped worldwide. The metal water tank can be used in various industries, like in the horticulture, fish farming, industry, agriculture and aquaponics. The metal water tank can also be found as part of a biogas installation, small scale water treatment plant or for drinking water purposes. All and all, when you are looking for the perfect metal water tank, the right one is made by Buwatec Water Technologies. Of course, we keep working on innovation of our water storage systems. The metal water tank is made of curved corrugated steel plates. Together with the proper tank liner and tank cover, it forms the best solution for storing and keeping water for a longer period of time. The special coating we apply protects the metal plates against pollution and algae growth, and the tank cover prevents evaporation.The metal water tank is fully customized, to meet your demands and preferences. Buwatec Water Technology ensures to offer the most competitive rates for our tanks. The tanks are of high-quality. We work in a flexible and a durable manner.

Easy installation of metal water tank

Not only can the steel plates, liners and cover of our modular metal water tank be shipped easily because the volume is not large, the installation of the metal water tank is completed in no time without too much effort. You see, you do not need to pour cement for a concrete base, as the metal water tank is placed on a prefabricated foundation. The installation itself is done without the use of heavy machinery, in fact, it is done manually, requiring man power only. This means the installation costs are cut down remarkably. It also means there are barely any restrictions as to where to place the metal water tank. Nowadays our metal water tank can be found in over 50 countries. To provide our clients with the best service at all times, we work with local specialists and various dealers in multiple countries. This means advice, assistance and tank parts are never far away.