Purchasing a manure tank

Do you want to store manure and that is why you are looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality manure tanks? Then stop your search right here. At BUWATEC B.V., you will find what you need. We are the one specialised supplier of modular storage systems and are specialised in tanks and silos. We are the place to go, when you are looking for a high-quality manure tank. We can proudly state that our high-quality products are sold throughout the entire world. The BUWAtanks, our line products, including the manure tank, are constructed of corrugated and curved metal sheet parts. In combination with tarpaulin, covers and accessories these parts form complete storage systems. If you purchase a BUWAtank, you will receive a prefab flat-pack. By building our BUWAtank systems prefab, they can be transported quickly and in an environmental-friendly way. The flat-pack can easily be converted into a BUWAtank. All you need is simple hand-tools. A BUWATEC manure tank has multiple advantages, such as flexibility, modularity and sustainability of the system. In addition, the system can be installed easily (which a dealer will do for you).

Nationwide network

BUWATEC B.V. works with dealers across the country. Over the last 10 years, a significant network was built with professional dealers. These dealers are supported by BUWATEC B.V., for instance by means of product trainings, technical support, product improvements and innovations. As such, the knowledge level of our dealers is always at a maximum. Due to the product trainings, our dealers always know about the latest trends and technological developments, concerning our products and, therefore, they can optimally advise and assist you, as a customer, when purchasing a manure tank. Wherever you live and whether you have questions about the purchase of one of the BUWATEC B.V. products, or you want specific information about a manure tank, there is always a dealer nearby to answer your questions!

A new manure tank by BUWATEC B.V.

In the BUWATEC B.V. assortment, you can find different types and sizes of manure tanks. At BUWATEC B.V., you are likely to find the manure tank that meets your wishes. You can always contact one of our dealers in case you would like information about one of our many different options and possibilities or about the costs of a new manure tank. Also, if you want to have a customised manure tank, we can discuss this. A BUWATEC B.V. manure tank is sustainable and can be built easily. In addition, one of our dealers will help you installing it. This will guarantee that your new manure tank will be successful.

Would you like to order a new high-quality manure tank?

Are you looking for a large new manure tank, able to store manure, to proportionally fertilise your land with manure? Or do you own a farm, and your small, cheap manure tank has outlived its usefulness? Then you should contact our dealers as soon as possible, with your wishes and demands. We can solve your problems in various ways. As we have managed to provide the best products and the best service for almost 10 years, you know you had best come to us. We are company Buwatec B.V., ensuring daily manure storage from your animals to a large tank, which can be used whenever you wish. This way you have control over the manure and it won’t become a nuisance. As our manure tanks are high-quality tanks, you can use them for a very long time without any problems. We make our manure tanks in such a way that they can easily be installed by our dealers. And by use of just hand-tools you can install the manure tank yourself!

Are you looking for a new high-quality manure tank with the best service?

We are here to provide the best service to you, as a direct customer, and to our dealers, time after time. We ensure that you will have hardly any problems, or even none at all. As we consider flexibility and sustainability to be very important, you will find that our in-house made products are high-quality. So, stop looking for cheap tanks and contact our Buwatec B.V. specialists now, for the most qualitative tanks for your company, to make your manure last longer!