Efficient irrigation water tank developed by Buwatec Water Technology

Are you looking for an irrigation water tank to store and keep water in great condition for a long time? Buwatec has what you need! Our irrigation water tank is made of corrugated steel plates, based on a modular design. This means that we have the fitting irrigation water tank for all sorts of companies and many purposes. Our irrigation water tank can be fully customized, meeting all the requirements for your company plus your personal preferences. Over the years we have become market leader in the field of complete water storage systems. Still to this day we are perfecting the design and focus on development, production and distribution worldwide.

Many segments for irrigation water tank

Many different companies benefit from a good, sturdy and reliable irrigation water tank. Buwatec Water Technology has what you are looking for in our large range of equipment, suitable for:

  • (agricultural) irrigation,
  • (rain) water harvesting,
  • storage of drain water,
  • recirculation water.

Our irrigation water tank also is a great asset in the agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and aquaponics. The water storage systems we developed are suitable for drinking water purposes and for water purification. They form the answer to drinking water problems in areas where people have to deal with water scarcity. Because of the special coating of our tanks there is no corrosion, thus the water stays in perfect condition and is safe to drink. Even after a long period of time.

Low-cost irrigation water tank

Are you interested, but you fear the costs of the irrigation water tank? There is no need, as Buwatec Water Technology always gives you the best competitive tariffs possible. The shipping costs are not high, because we pack the corrugated steel plates in a very efficient way, together with the proper tank liner and tank cover. Also, the installation costs are brought down to a bare minimum, because we have designed the tank in such a way, that the installation can be done by man power. You do not need any machinery, just some hand tools. We export the irrigation water tank to more than 50 countries worldwide these days. In order to serve our clients best, we have set up a great working professional dealer network. The dealers are provided with technical know-how, product training and product innovations by us al the time. Buwatec Water Technology is a flexible company and will deliver your irrigation water tank very fast. Because we care about the environment, we work in a sustainable manner. Therefore, our tanks can be dismantled easily. The corrugated plates can be re-used in an environmental friendly way.

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