Efficient irrigation water tank developed by Buwatec Water Technology

Have you been searching for an irrigation water tank for some time? We have good news, because your searching days are over! We welcome you at Buwatec Water Technology, based in Almkerk, Netherlands, world market leader when it comes to storing and keeping water for a long period of time. Our irrigation water tank is based on a modular design, which means we can build the perfect irrigation water tank for everybody. We can fully customize it, conform to your requirements. It does not matter where you are located, we have been shipping our irrigation water tank for a number of years.

Many purposes for irrigation water tank

Buwatec Water Technology’s irrigation water tank is of high-quality, yet we are able to always offer very competitive prices. Our company focus lies on designing, developing, produce and distribute water storage systems for many different segments, such as agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, aquaponics. Our tanks can also be used as part of a small scale water treatment plant or a biogas installation. Very interesting, especially in areas where people are dealing with water scarcity, is that our water storage systems can be used for drinking water purposes and for water purification. Because of the special coating of our tanks there is no danger of corrosion, so the water stays in perfect condition and it is safe to drink. Even after a long time period.

For irrigation purposes, one can think of

  • (rain)water harvesting,
  • (agricultural) irrigation,
  • storage of rain water,
  • recirculation of water.

Efficient shipping of irrigation water tank

Buwatec Water Technology manufactures the irrigation water tank of corrugated, steel panels. Together with the right tank cover and the right tank liner, we are able to ship your tank in a very efficient way, thus cutting down on your transportation costs enormously. Our tanks are built for fast installation, which is also very cheap. You see, you do not need to hire machinery or other equipment, the construction of the irrigation water tank can be done by man power only, using just hand tools. The tanks are placed on a prefabricated base. It is no wonder you find our irrigation water tank or any other tank in more than 50 countries worldwide these days!

We have set up a professional dealer network, so we always have assistance or a place to give information near to you. All our dealers are provided with technical know-how, product training and product innovations constantly. Buwatec Water Technology is a flexible company and because we care about the environment, we always work in a sustainable manner. Our tanks can be dismantled easily and the panels can be re-used environmentally friendly.