Industry water tank made by Buwatec Water Technology

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Do you run a business with industrial activities and you need an industry water tank? At Buwatec Water Technology we have noticed the increased demand for industrial water and thus, the increase for an industry water tank. An industry water tank is an absolute necessity when you realize that almost 100% of industrial water is returned into the environment untreated. You’ll understand that the environment is in danger by this practice and therefore, more sustainable and environmental friendly action must be taken by using the industry water tank. Buwatec Water Technology helps the industrial industry by manufacturing the solution in the form of the industrial water tank as part of a complex water treatment plant. Only that way the industry can store waste water, cooling water, rinse water and boiler water. Buwatec Water Technology has been established in Almkerk, Netherlands, for decades and has vast knowledge about the industry water tank and all its purposes. Our main job is to develop, produce, sell and distribute water storage systems for clients in our own country and all over the world. We are market leader in the field of liquid storage systems and can assist you with the industry water tank as a solution in various segments. The bulk of water consumers in the industry are:

  • chemical sector,
  • refineries,
  • steel sector,
  • food industry,
  • paper- and graphic industry.

Industry water tank is modular

Buwatec Water Technology’s industry water tank is based on a modular design. They are made of manufactured corrugated steel panels. They are adjustable in capacity to fit the waste water treatment plants. The industry water tank can be extended, dismantled or re-used, all environment friendly. This enables us to serve you with the perfect industry water tank. Buwatec Water Technology shows that storage of water is easy.

Industry water tank is affordable

You may be surprised about how affordable our industry water tank is. There are a few reasons for that. First and foremost, we always offer very competitive tariffs. Because the steel panels can be packed efficiently, the shipping costs are reduced to a minimum. And because the installation can be done very quickly and without heavy machinery, you are saving a lot of money there as well. The installation is done by man power only, using hand tools. The tank sits on a prefab base, which also means you can place the industry water tank in remote places.

Worldwide industry water tank

Buwatec Water Technology exports the industry water tank to more than 50 countries worldwide. In order to serve our clients with assistance in their area, we have multiple dealers in various countries. The dealers are joined in a dealer network, which functions very well. We provide our dealers with product training, technical know-how and product innovations all the time. We are a flexible company, serving you with the perfect tank, assistance, advice and solutions. Would you like to receive a free and non-binding quote for the industry water tank? Please send in the form and we will get back to you within one working day.