Industry water tank made by Buwatec Water Technology

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Are you operating a business dealing with industrial activities and you have come to the conclusion that you need an industry water tank? At Buwatec Water Technology, we have noticed a growing demand for industrial water solutions. It has become clear, that there is a great need for the use of an industry water tank. When we realise that almost all the industrial water is discharged back into the environment without treatment, something needs to be done. Buwatec Water Technology has the answer: to protect the environment and work more sustainable, more businesses need to start using the industry water tank.

Buwatec has specialised in manufacturing the industry water tank based on a modular design. This means, everybody can start using this type of tank in their business, to help the industry find solutions to reduce pollution. The modular design also means it can be easily extended, dismantled, or reused in an environmentally friendly way. Our industrial water tank is a part of a complex water treatment plant, with which business can deal with various types of waste water in tanks, like storing:

  • waste water,
  • cooling water,
  • rinse water
  • boiler water.

Our clients are mostly those in the chemical sector, refineries, steel sector, food industry, paper- and graphic industry.

Market leader for industry water tank

Buwatec Water Technology had developed over the past years into a world market leader when it comes storing and keeping water in an industrial water tank. Our core business goes ever further: we develop, produce, sell and distribute water storage systems for businesses nationally, but also, worldwide. These days, we ship to more than 50 countries. In several countries we have multiple dealers. In order to keep the dealers informed and have assistance for you always near, we have set up a professional dealer network. We have our dealers benefit from ongoing product training, technical expertise, and access to the latest innovations.

Industry water tank from steel

Our industry water tank is, like all our tanks, made from steel corrugated panels. A tank is accompanied by a tank cover and a tank liner. The panels ensure easy and efficient shipping, which will reduce the export costs greatly. Also, our tanks are suitable for fast installation. There is no need to hire equipment or personnel, you can construct the industry water tank by manpower, using only hand tools. The industry water tank is based on a prefab base.

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