Buwatec Water Technology has solution industrial water storage tanks

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Are you in need of industrial water storage tanks? Buwatec Water Technology fully understands the demand of industrial water storage tanks, and better, we have the solution. Water is one of the main parts of industrial processes, therefore, you need industrial water storage tanks. More so, they need to be of high quality, and reliable for years on end. Buwatec Water Technology has specialised in exactly this type of tank. We design, develop, manufacture and distribute water storage systems for customers worldwide, for many different segments, like: agriculture (manure and water), horticulture, aquaponics and/or aquaculture, and as part of drinking water and water purification installations, biogas installations, and small scale water treatment plants. When it comes to the industry, our industrial water storage tanks can be used in:

  • food industry,
  • paper & graphic industry,
  • steel sector,
  • refineries,
  • chemical sector.

Buwatec Water Technology’s industrial water storage tanks are the right ones for cooling water, rinse water, boiler water and waste water. Being a company that has the environment in high regard, we promote the use of water tanks, and keep our earth healthy. Therefore, we have ensured our tanks to be able to be dismantled in an easy way or to be reused in an environmental friendly way.

Industrial water storage tanks are affordable

Buwatec Water Technology is proud that we can offer our industrial water storage tanks at reasonable prices. The main reason is that we always strive to offer very competitive tariffs. However, our tanks are made for easy shipping and fast installation. How? The industrial water storage tanks, and frankly, all our tanks, are made of corrugated steel panels. Together with the tank liner and tank cover, we are able to ship them very efficiently. For you this means that the transportation costs are down to the bare minimum. When we say fast installation we do mean fast installation. You do not need to get heavy machinery out, the industrial water storage tanks can be constructed by man power and just hand tools only. The tanks are then placed on a prefab base, which is not only cost-efficient, but also enables you to place the industrial water storage tanks anywhere you like. Another benefit, as this will minimize the installation costs. Last but not least, our industrial water storage tanks are based on a modular design. Buwatec Water Technology’s team is able to meet all your requirements!

Industrial water storage tanks worldwide

We export the industrial water storage tanks to more than 50 countries all over the world. In multiple countries we have several dealers. For the dealers, we have set up a great working dealer network. The dealers have local know-how, and we keep them constantly informed by supplying product training, product innovations and technical knowledge.