Buwatec Water Technology has solution industrial water storage tanks

commercial water tanks

Water is an essential part in industrial processes and therefore, the industry needs perfectly working industrial water storage tanks. When you are in need of industrial water storage tanks or you need to replace the industrial water storage tanks you are currently using, Buwatec Water Technology has got you covered. Over the years we have designed, developed and manufactured the solution for industrial water storage tanks with our complete water storage systems. We distribute our industrial water storage tanks or complete systems worldwide. Nowadays, you will find our industrial water storage tanks in more than 50 countries! In order to keep communication lines short and to have assistance close by, we have set up a dealer network. In various countries we have multiple dealers. We keep the dealers informed with product training, product innovations and technical knowhow all the time. Our industrial water storage tanks can be used in a variety of sectors, such as:

  • refineries,
  • food industry,
  • paper & graphic industry,
  • steel sector,
  • chemical sector.

Buwatec Water Technology’s tanks are perfect for cooling water, rinse water, boiler water and many more tasks. All our tanks are made of corrugated steel plates and are based on a modular design. All the tanks can be fully customized according to your company’s needs, within all regulations and of high quality. This means that we can manufacture fitting industrial water storage tanks for all circumstances. As the tanks are placed on a prefabricated base, it also means you can put them in all places, even the most remote ones.

Industrial water storage tanks and more

Besides our industrial water storage tanks, we offer a number of other tanks, designed for other segments. Think of:

  • agriculture (manure and water),
  • horticulture,
  • aquaponics & aquaculture.

Our tanks can also used as a part of:

  • drinking water & water purification installations,
  • biogas installations,
  • small scale water treatment plants.

We would like to point out that our water storage systems are quite affordable. The reasons for that are very simple: we offer sharp, competitive prices, installation is cheap and transportation costs are low. You see, the installation of the tanks can be done by man power, using only hand tools. You do not need any machinery at all. As we can pack the tanks, together with the proper tank liner and tank cover, very efficiently, you are not facing a high shipping bill. As we care for the environment, we have made sure that our tanks can be dismantled in an easy way. Plus, they can be re-used in an environmental friendly way. Buwatec Water Technology participates in projects involving fresh drinking water. Our tanks contribute bring the solution for storing and keeping fresh drinking water in areas where people, unfortunately, are dealing with water scarcity.