Efficient industrial waste water tank by Buwatec Water Technology

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When you are working in the industry, no doubt you need an industrial waste water tank. Or maybe you already have an industrial waste water tank, but it is not up to its job anymore. For the best infrastructural solution you turn to Buwatec Water Technology in Almkerk, Netherlands. Buwatec Water Technology has perfected the industrial waste water tank over the years and can call itself market leader in the field. Ever since the start of our company, we have been working on designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing complete water storage systems such as the industrial waste water tank. In the industry, many companies use water as it is an essential part in various processes. Think of

  • cooling water,
  • rinse water,
  • boiler water,
  • many other applications.

In order to comply to rules and regulations, the need of a high quality industrial waste water tank is there. Buwatec Water Technology has you well equipped, ready for the task.

Industrial waste water tank of steel

Buwatec Water Technology’s industrial waste water tank is made of corrugated steel plates. It is based on a modular design, so we are able to supply every industrial company with the right as many parts are switchable. We offer the industrial waste water tank for many different sectors worldwide:

  • food industry,
  • steel sector,
  • chemical sector,
  • paper and graphic industry,
  • refineries.

When we say worldwide, we do mean worldwide. Our systems are shipped to more than 50 countries all over the world nowadays. This really is no wonder, when you realize that our tanks are made of corrugated steel plates. These plates are shipped, together with the proper tank liner and tank cover, in a very efficient way. This means that the transportation costs are down to the minimum. In various countries we work with multiple dealers, so you always have assistance near you. In order to keep our dealers fully up to date, we supply them with product training, product innovations and technical knowhow on a regular basis.

Competitive prices for industrial waste water tank

Buwatec Water Technology firmly believes everybody should be able to benefit from our water storage systems and therefore, we offer our tanks at very competitive rates, which makes them quite affordable. Besides water tanks for the industry, we have complete water storage systems for other segments as well, like agriculture, horticulture, aquaponics and aquaculture. The tanks can also be used as part of a small scale water treatment plant, drinking water installations and biogas installations. Another cost reducing factor is that it is easy to install the industrial waste water tank, just with man power. The only things you need are some hand tools. As we care about the environment, our company works in a sustainable way. We have built the industrial waste water tank so, that it be easily extended but also easily dismantled. The tanks can be re-used in an environmental friendly way.