Buwatec Water Technology builds industrial steel water storage tanks you need

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Have you been searching for industrial steel water storage tanks for some time? We have good news, as you have now reached the place you need to be for outstanding industrial steel water storage tanks. Buwatec Water Technology has decades of experience and can rightfully call itself market leader when it comes to designing, developing, producing and distributing complete water storage systems, including the industrial steel water storage tanks. From experience and professional knowledge, we know that water is an essential part in a number of industrial processes. We have the right industrial steel water storage tanks for cooling water, rinse water, boiler water and many other applications. No doubt you are looking for high quality and that is exactly what our industrial steel water storage tanks are. They comply to all rules and regulations. The tanks for our water or any other liquid storage systems are made of corrugated steel plates. The tanks are based on a modular design, which means several parts are exchangeable. This means you always have the industrial steel water storage tanks your company needs. Buwatec Water Technology’s industrial steel water storage tanks can be used in many different industrial sectors, like:

  • steel sector,
  • chemical sector,
  • food industry,
  • graphic and paper industry,
  • refineries.

Affordable industrial steel water storage tanks

For various reasons Buwatec Water Technology’s water storage systems are affordable. We would like to explain why! To begin with, we always offer our systems at very competitive prices. Our industrial steel water storage tanks, all our tanks for that matter, are made of corrugated steel plates. We are able to ship those plates, together with the right tank liner and tank cover, very efficiently. This means you are paying low transportation costs. The installation of the tanks is very easy. You do not need heavy equipment, quite the contrary: the installation can be done by man power, only using hand tools. The tanks are placed on a prefab base. It is no wonder that our tanks are shipped worldwide nowadays. We ship to over 50 countries! In various countries we work with multiple dealers, so we have assistance close by for our customers. We support the dealers on a frequent basis with product training, product innovations and technical knowhow. Besides the steel water storage tanks for the industry, more segments are using our water or liquid storage systems. You can think of: agriculture (water and manure), horticulture, aquaponics and aquaculture. You also find them as part of a small scale water treatment plant or in a biogas installation. Our water storage systems are perfect for storing and keeping fresh drinking water for a longer period of time. This makes them very suitable in areas where people are dealing with water scarcity. Buwatec Water Technology is proud to work together to make these hard situations better by contributing with our knowledge and experience. Are you interested in our industrial steel water storage tanks? You will find us to be a flexible company, working in a sustainable manner. For example, we have built the industrial steel water tanks so they can be easily extended, and also easily dismantled. The tanks can be re-used in an environmental friendly way.