We are always interested in extension of our dealer network. Selecting new dealers is a procedure in which both parties should find new challenges. No actual dealers should be faced with negative aspects of new dealers in specific markets or branches in countries. Dealers have a non-exclusivity status, but BUWATEC is protecting market positions of dealers when the cooperation has started.

A dealer will always be able to advise customers, do the sales, installing as well as maintenance and repairs of tanks that he sells.

No. After understanding your requirements we look for the best way to support your project. Based on your requirements we will bring you in contact with a suitable dealer.

Our steel water tanks, tank liners and tank covers are all originate from the EU. We produce a 100% national product, which is manufactured according European CE standards.

All tanks are produced according the highest standards. BUWATEC tanks are supplied with CE-certification under the Declaration of Performance number DOP14BCTWS03 and accordance with the guidelines conform EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011.

All our tanks are wrapped up and transported on certificated pallets ISPM 15.

A dealer will offer installation and takes responsibility for the installation of the water tank. In special cases a dealer can work with a BUWATEC supervisor against payment, for example during the installation of a first project.

Demo tanks are available for dealers. BUWATEC will decide on offering it based on purpose. It is for promotion and marketing purposes only.

In the Netherlands all water tanks are checked after 7 years as a standard procedure of insurance policy. BUWATEC will not inspect water tanks. Only certified and independent persons will carry out inspections. In case, we could bring you in contact with classified tank inspection companies.

For outside The Netherlands: get information from your insurance company on local regulations.

The standard delivery time of the steel water tank is 2 weeks after confirmed order. Delivery of steel tanks including tank liner is 3 to 4 weeks. Contact our sales team for actual delivery times on email water-tank@buwatec.com

The packaging of our water tanks meets the highest quality requirements. Steel tank panels are packed on certified pallets, and sealed with a watertight foils and protection sheet. This packaging is developed to avoid corrosion and damaging during transport. The bolt sets are delivered in watertight buckets. Tank liners are supplied on certificated plastic pallets or on wooden certificated pallets ISPM 15.

Please, contact your dealer for specific information. See all standard tank sizes in our website. Our sales team will support with special tank versions, like installed partly under ground level for higher volume water tanks.