Need a fish tank?

fish tankAre you looking for Fish tank? Worldwide about 30 percent of all fish farms are situated in natural habitats, which means most fish are bred under controlled conditions. There is an upward trend in this sector, because fishing in open water is becoming more expensive. Overfishing leads to damage to the fish’ natural habitat and high costs for fish products. BUWATEC supplies aquaculture fish tanks for recirculating aquaculture systems, aquaponics systems and fish farms. BUWATEC is a renowned specialist for modular water storage systems. With decades of experience the Dutch-based company produces and supplies a completely Dutch originated product. BUWATEC’s core activity is the sale, development, production and distribution of complete water storage systems. We do so by combining manufactured corrugated steel panels with the proper tank covers and liners, thus carefully designing tailor-made products to customers all over the world.

Fish tanks for aquaculture

Aquaculture is the collective name for breeding salt and fresh water fish, shellfish and other living organisms in water, such as algae and samphire. Aquaculture is based on two different types of systems: an open and a closed system. An open system is located in natural water (such as fish breeding farms in fish cages or shellfish farming) and this method leads to damage to the environment and pollution of open waters. A closed system is not connected to natural water, and these closed systems are for instance fish breeding farms using tanks, basins and ponds. These fish farms use recirculation systems where breeding water is being treated, cleaned and re-used in a continuing process and therefore it is more enivronment-friendly. Building a traditional concrete aquaculture fish tank is very expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, quality depends on local expertise and the materials available locally. Plastic tanks have a limited capacity and are not suitable for outside use. BUWATEC developed open water aquaculture fish tanks, based on our corrugated steel plates in combination with appropriate liners. BUWAtanks are flexible and easy to install tanks for fish farming. In these BUWATEC aquaculture fish tanks, tilapia, eel, trout, carps and salmon are being bred all over the world.

Advantages of BUWATEC’s fish tanks

BUWATEC fish tanks are available in several diameters (2-30 meters) and heights, for placing on ground level or partly beneath ground level, without the need for a concrete foundation. BUWAtanks were designed for export throughout the globe, to the continents of Africa, Asia, South and Middle America for example. We enable a controlled fish production in water tanks with a perfect balance between costs and market prices. Our fish tanks are shipped with limited transport volume and corresponding low costs. The aquaponic tanks are re-usable, so friendly to the environment. We believe in close contact. If you may have any questions, please feel free to contact us.