Buwatec Water Technology: developer of water storage systems such as the fish tank

fish tank

Are you interested in a fish tank? Are you looking into possibilities of installing a fish tank? Don’t waste any more of your time searching, as Buwatec Water Technology is specialized in water storage systems, especially the fish tank. We have grown into market leader in the field of water storage systems, specifially the fish tank, because of the design of the fish tank. The fish tank is fully modular, which means the modules are linked or stacked to create the fish tank. Our fish tank is make of curved corrugated steel plates and together with the fish tank liner and fish tank cover, the volume is not large. This means everything can be shipped easily and efficiently all over the world and it reduces your shipping cost significantly. Buwatec Water Technology exports the fish tank and other water storage tanks to 50 different countries worldwide. We collaborate in various countries with multiple dealers, to offer you assistance or advice. Our fish tanks are very affordable, because we always offer a very competitive rate. You will find Buwatec Water Technology to be a flexible company, working sustainably and making the storage of water very easy.

Fish tank for closed aquaculture system

Breeding salt and fresh water fish, shellfish and living organisms in water like algae and samphire is called aquaculture. Aquaculture can be done in an open system and in a closed system. Open systems are located in natural water, like fish breeding farms in fish cages or shellfish farming. We plead for the use of a closed system with our fish tank, as the open systems often lead to pollution of the open water. The closed fish tank is not in contact with natural water. The breeding water in the fish tank is treated, cleaned and re-used in a continuing process. The ecological risks are reduced significantly, as water residues are minimized. At Buwatec Water Technology, we have the possibilities to farm fish with market prices and operational costs in balance. We supply the aquaculture fish tanks for recirculating aquaculture systems, fish farms and aquaponics systems.

Easy construction of fish tank

The fish tank we developed does not need heavy machinery to be constructed. It can be done manually, using man power only. Furthermore, you also don’t need to pour cement to create a concrete base. The installation is based on a prefab foundation, so the costs are largely reduced and also, there are hardly any limits for the location of the fish tank.

Water storage for various use

Buwatec has also contributed to the problem of water scarcity, by gathering knowledge on collecting and recollecting water. Our water storage systems help reduce the water stress in the upcoming years, when millions of people will be confronted with drought or floods. Furthermore, Buwatec’s liquid storage systems can be found as part of a small scale water treatment plant, biogas installation, drink water installation and for processing slurry in the agricultural business.

Fish tanks worldwide

Buwatec Water Technology is proud to state that we export our fish tank and other water storage tanks to 50 different countries worldwide. We operate in these countries with local specialists in the specific branches or market segments. We have multiple dealers in various countries, who are always available to provide you with assistance or advice.

Tanks are affordable

Our fish tanks are very affordable. One of the key points in of our company is to offer the fish tanks at very competitive rates. You will find Buwatec to be a flexible company, working sustainably and making the storage of water very easy.