Drinking water tank? Of course: Buwatec Water Technology!

drinking water tank

Are you searching for a drinking water tank? Do you need a drinking water tank, based on a modular design? Is a drinking water tank needed in a country outside of Netherlands? Rest assured, Buwatec Water Technology is the right partner to supply you with a high-quality, modular drinking water tank, which can effortlessly be shipped all over the world. Over the years, we have become specialist in developing, producing, selling and distributing complete water storage systems, especially the drinking water tank. Our water storage systems are used in a variety of market segments besides for drinking water, such as horticulture, aquaculture, industry and agriculture. The tanks are also used as part of a biogas installation or a small scale water treatment plant. Because everybody’s needs are different, we manufacture our drinking water tank completely customized, so all requirements and regulations are met. With maraket leader Buwatec Water Technology, installing a water storage system is simple!

Water scarcity or floods, use drinking water tank

It is a no-brainer that drinking water tanks can help reduce water stress, in areas where there is a lot of drought. In times of water scarcity, the water in the drinking water tank can be given out to drink, for hygienic purposes or to use on farm fields. Our drinking water tank is perfectly suitable to store and keep water for a long period of time. The tanks can also be part of a drainage system, which discharges large amounts of water in a controlled and thus safe way. Our drinking wate tank is made of corrugated steel plates and the correct tank liners and tank covers are added. Because the steel plates can be exported efficiently, shipping is easy and is at low costs. Buwatec’s drinking water tank can be found in over 50 countries nowadays. We have our eye on a perfect cooperation with our international dealer network. There are various dealers in multiple countries. We support them with product innovations, technical know-how and product training. Buwatec Water Technology is a flexible company, working in a durable.

Quick installation of drinking water tank

The installation of market leader Buwatec’s drinking water tank is done quickly and straightforwardly. You only need hand tools, there is no heavy equipment involved. The drinking water tank is placed on a prefab foundation, which makes it suitable to be placed in even the most remote places. Be assured that beside low shipping and installation costs, we always offer you very competitive tariffs. Call us or request a free and non-binding quote today! We respond within one working day.