Drinking water tank? Of course: Buwatec Water Technology!

drinking water tank

Do you own a drinking water tank, but it needs replacement badly? Are you looking for the perfect drinking water tank, as you want to make sure the water is being stored and kept for a longer period of time without causing health issues? Rest assured, you have found the right partner, as Buwatec Water Technology is the specialist in water storage systems, especially the drinking water tank. Buwatec Water Technology is located in Almkerk, Netherlands, and being a Dutch company, we know all about storing and keeping water for later use. We are the world market leader when it comes to a drinking water tank, which is based on a modular design. For decades, we have been working actively on development, production, sale and distribution of the drinking water tank. Besides the drinking water tank, we offer a large range of equipment to collect, store and keep water in perfect condition for irrigation, rain or other water harvesting, aquaponics and storage of drain- and recirculation water. All our water storage systems are fully custom made to meet all our clients’ requirements.

Drinking water tank made of steel plates

Buwatec Water Technology makes our drinking water tank of manufactured corrugated steel plates, combined with the correct tank liners and tank covers. The steel plates, liners and covers are very easy to ship, and importantly, in an efficient way. This means that transport costs are quite low. Installation costs are also quite low, as there is no need for you to hire heavy duty machinery. The only things required are man power and hand tools. The drinking water tank is placed on a prefab foundation. This enables our clients to put the drinking water tank in almost any place they like, even the most remote ones. This is important to know for a drinking water tank, which is often used in areas where people are dealing with water scarcity. Besides for drinking water purposes, the drinking water tank can also be used for water purification.

Drinking water tank is affordable

In case you worry that Buwatec Water Technology’s drinking water tank must be rather expensive, we can assure you it is not. Besides the already mentioned cost reducing factors, we also make it a key point in our company to offer our clients competitive prices. Our company ships the drinking water tank all over the world, supported by a great functioning network of dealers in more than 50 countries. You can always turn to them for sound advice, as we support them with product innovations, technical know-how and product training.