Special corrugated water tanks developed by Buwatec Water Technology

corrugated water tanksHave you ever seen the corrugated water tanks developed by Buwatec Water Technology? Or are you currently using regular water tanks and you are looking for corrugated water tanks? By corrugated water tanks, we mean that our water tanks are made of manufactured corrugated steel panels. These corrugated panels are combined with the correct tank liners and tank covers, in order to create the perfect water storage system. We are an independent market leader in our field worldwide. We are located in Almkerk, Netherlands, and our main activity is the development, production, sale and distribution of complete water storage systems. Our corrugated water tanks are based on a modular design, which means that the corrugated water tanks can be completely customized for your company or organization. The corrugated water tanks are especially designed for worldwide markets. You will find our tanks in more than 50 countries these days. In multiple countries we have various dealers, and all those dealers are working within a very well functioning dealer network. To assist our clients everywhere and to keep our dealers fully up to date, we support them with product innovations, technical know-how and product training on a frequent basis.

Multi purpose corrugated water tanks

Buwatec Water Technology’s corrugated water tanks are used in a great variety of segments, such as:

  • drinking water and water purification,
  • agriculture,
  • horticulture,
  • aquaponics and aquaculture,
  • part of biogas installation,
  • part of small scale water treatment plant,
  • industry.

Our corrugated water tanks are very useful in regions or countries where people are facing severe water scarcity. The tanks are the answer to the question how to store and keep water for a longer period of time. We would like to point out that our corrugated water tanks are very affordable, because we always offer very competitive tariffs. Besides that, there are no high transportation costs or installations costs. You see, we are able to ship the panels in a very efficient way, so the transportation costs are only the bare minimum. For the installation you do not need machinery, the tanks can be installed by man power only. You only need hand tools. The corrugated water tanks are placed on a prefab foundation. This enables you to put the tanks in almost every place you want, there are hardly any restrictions. This way people or companies in the most remote places can benefit from the storage system. Buwatec Water Technology is a flexible company, always working durably. We show you that storage of water can be done easily! Do you need more information or would you like to receive a non-binding quote? Send in a request today! We always respond within one working day.