Corrugated water tank, manufactured by Buwatec Water Technology

corrugated water tanks

Have you heard about our corrugated water tank and you are interested in purchasing one? Or have you never heard of a corrugated water tank? In both cases, Buwatec Water Technology is the place to be for more information! We have developed our company into becoming an independent world leader in modular storage systems for water and other liquids. The fact that they are based on a modular design, means that we can fully tailor the corrugated water tank to your preferences and requirements. Our tanks are made of curved, corrugated steel plates. We have also designed the right tank liner and tank cover, so in one purchase order you are completely done and ready to go. Buwatec Water Technology has developed a large range of equipment to collect, store and/or keep water in perfect condition for irrigation, (rain) water harvesting, aquaponics and storage of drain- and recirculation water. Our corrugated water tank is suitable for many different areas, such as:

  • the industry,
  • aquaculture,
  • drinking water,
  • water purification, horticulture,
  • agriculture.

Besides those segments, the corrugated water tank can also be installed for usage as part of small scale water treatment plants or biogas installations, in drink water installations, in aquaculture with fish farming tanks, and for processing slurry in the agricultural business. We are a flexible, durable company, who makes the installation of water of other liquid storage very easy.

Corrugated water tank is affordable

To ensure everybody is able to purchase our corrugated water tank and install the perfect water storage system, we make sure to offer the tanks at very competitive rates. Besides the rates, we also reduce the transportation costs and installations costs to the minimum. Let us explain. We have designed our modular tanks based on export requirements for efficient transport and quick installation. The installation does not require machinery, it can be done by just hand tools and man power. All our tanks are placed on a prefabricated foundation, which also means lower costs. Plus, you are able to install the water storage system in even the most remote places. Especially is the important where people are dealing with water scarcity and severe water stress. Our sales team informs you about the maximum volumes of our standard tank sizes and other option, like installing the tank partly under ground? This enables you to purchase a tank with higher volume. To protect the tank from corrosion, we can also apply a special coating.

Dealers for corrugated water tank

Buwatec Water Technology ships the corrugated water tank to more than 50 countries worldwide. In various countries we have multiple dealers, who are aware of the local requirements. We provide the dealers with product innovations, technical know-how and product training regularly, so they assist you with any problem you may encounter. We deliver the water tank quickly. Our standard delivery time of the corrugated water tank is two weeks after confirmation of your order. When the order includes a tank liner, then the delivery takes up to three to four weeks. Our sales team provides you with the actual delivery time. Buwatec Water Technology is based in Almkerk, Netherlands, and our corrugated water tank, the tank cover and the tank liner are a 100% national product. Of course, it is manufactured according to European CE standards.