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corrugated water tanks

Are you interested in a water tank, but does it need to be a corrugated water tank? Are you familiar with the benefits of a corrugated water tank? Then you are at the right place here at Buwatec Water Technology! Our corrugated water tank is made of corrugated, steel panels. Together with the proper tank liner and tank cover, the corrugated water tank forms the solution on storing and keeping water in a perfect condition for a long period of time. Buwatec Water Technology’s core business is to develop, manufacture, sell and distribute the corrugated water tank nationally and internationally. These days, we are shipping our water storage systems, all made of corrugated steel water tanks, to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Corrugated water tank for many sectors

Worldwide, people are using the corrugated water tank in many sectors. You can think of:

  • horticulture and agriculture,
  • aquaponics and aquaculture,
  • part of biogas installation,
  • part of small scale water treatment plant,
  • industry.

In areas where people are dealing with water scarcity, our corrugated water tank can be used for drinking water and water purification. There is no corrosion inside the tank, so it is safe to drink for people and cattle, or to irrigate the crops with.

World market leader on corrugated water tank

Over the past decade, Buwatec Water Technology developed from a small firm into a world market leader. There are several reasons for that. For instance, our corrugated water tank can be used for many purposes all over the world. The tank is based on a modular design, which means that we can produce it entirely to your requirements. We always offer very competitive rates. Transportation and installation can be done easily, and fast. You see, we can pack the corrugated water tank panels, the cover and the liner very efficiently, cutting your shipping costs way down. Installation can be done by man power only, just using hand tools. This means that you are not facing high construction costs. You place the tank on a prefab base, which allows you to put the tank almost everywhere you want it. Even in the hard to reach places.

In multiple countries we have several dealers, and all the dealers are working within a professional dealer network. To assist our clients everywhere and to keep our dealers informed, we support them with product innovations, technical know-how and product training on a regular basis.

Once you get to know Buwatec Water Technology, you will realise we are a flexible company, working in an environmentally friendly way. This is the reason our corrugated panels can be dismantled in an easy way, and also, they can be re-used environmentally friendly.