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corrugated water tanks

Not satisfied with your current water tank? Or do you need a new water tank for a new company? Is your preference a corrugated water tank? Specialist Buwatec Water Technology has been building the corrugated water tank for decades and has developed the design into perfection. Our corrugated water tank exists of corrugated steel plates. We combine them with the right tank liner and tank cover and voilà, there we have the right corrugated water tank for many different industries. It is safe to say ‘perfect’ about Buwatec Water Technology’s corrugated water tank, because it is based on a modular design. This means, parts are interchangeable. Plus, we can completely customize the corrugated water tank, or any other liquid storage tank we offer.

Corrugated water tank for many industries

We mentioned it already above: the corrugated water tank is a great benefit to many industries, such as:

  • horticulture,
  • agriculture (water and manure),
  • aquaculture and aquaponics,
  • industry.

You also find our corrugated water tank as part of a biogas installation or as part of a small scale water treatment plant. In these days, where more and more people are dealing with water scarcity, our corrugated water tank is the solution. It is designed to store and keep fresh drinking water for a long period of time. Our tanks are also used fo water purification.

Affordable corrugated water tank

There are a few reasons why Buwatec Water Technology’s corrugated water tank is affordable. First and foremost, we have the good habit of offering our customer always the most competitive prices. Because we have been shipping our water storage systems to more than 50 countries worldwide for decades now, we certainly know how to pack the steel plates, the cover and the liner with great efficiency. This will safe you a lot on transportation costs. The installation of the corrugated water tank could not be easier. You do not need heavy machinery, you can install the tank by man power. You only have to use hand tools. To have assistance and local information near you, we have set up a well-functioning dealer network. We have multiple dealers in various countries. We supply them with technical know-how, product innovations and product training all the time. Buwatec Water Technology works in a flexible way, and sustainable. Our tanks can be easily dismantled and the steel plates can be used in an environmental-friendly way.

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