Buwatec Water Technology for affordable corrugated steel water tank

corrugated water tanks

Do you need a high-quality corrugated steel water tank? You have come to the right place, because Buwatec Water Technology has specialised in building tanks for storing and keeping water in perfect condition for a long time. We have developed into a world market leader with our high-quality corrugated steel water tank, based on a modular design. We meet all your requirements when designing your corrugated steel water tank! We would like to point out that it is a company key point to always offer very competitive rates for all the different tanks we manufacture, for the various industries we build them for. You can think of:

  • part of a biogas installation,
  • part of a small scale water treatment plant,
  • industry,
  • horticulture,
  • agriculture,
  • aquaponics and aquaculture.

Corrugated steel water tank worldwide

Buwatec Water Technology is located in Almkerk, Netherlands, but we export our corrugated steel water tank all over the world. In fact, we ship to more than 50 countries nowadays. Our corrugated steel water tank is made of panels, and comes with a tank liner and a tank cover. Because we are able to ship these items very efficiently, your transportation costs are reduced significantly.

In multiple of the 50 countries we are working with several dealers, who are united in a professionally operating network. This way, advice and assistance is always close at hand for you. We provide all dealers with product innovations, technical know-how and product training constantly.

Corrugated steel water tank easy to install

Installation of the corrugated steel water tank is very easy and not costly at all. You do not need any machinery at all. The corrugated steel water tank, like all our tanks, can be constructed by man power only, just using hand tools. All our water storage systems are placed on a prefabricated base. This is also cost reducing, but, it gives you the opportunity to put the corrugated steel water tank wherever you like, even in remote places.

Buwatec Water Technology’s corrugated steel water tank comes in very handy in areas, where people are facing water scarcity. As our corrugated steel water tank is perfect to use for drinking water purposes, water purification processes, water access for cattle and for irrigating the crops, it can really be a life saver.

You will find Buwatec Water Technology’s team to be flexible. We feel strongly about the environment and make it a habit to work in a sustainable manner. We have made sure, that our corrugated steel water tank can be easily dismantled and reused in an environmentally friendly way.